The Mueller report ultimately establishes two things for certain. One is that there is and never has been any evidence of the Trump campaign or any other American colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. The only complaint against Trump is that he was outraged at the outrageous. It is increasingly clear that there was a plot to either remove him as President of the United States or at least distract him with an investigation designed to obstruct him from doing his job.

This should be no surprise. The MSM melted down when he was elected. Democrats promised to obstruct him in every way possible.  That is one of the few promises they have kept. They never considered just accepting the results of the election.

They were outraged that someone like Trump was elected President of the United States. They could not accept the obvious fact that he beat Hillary Clinton. They could not believe that most of the country chose him over her. The only explanation for that, in their deluded world, was if someone or something stole the election. That is why they jumped on the Russian collusion theory. Anything was better than the reality that Trump simply won. They will never consider Trump up to the job. They consider him a clown accidentally elected to office. The only person they despise more that Trump is Hillary Clinton, primary because she lost to someone like Trump.

Now, that the Mueller Report has totally destroyed the Russia collusion narrative. The liberal left is left with blaming Trump because he was outraged by the outrageous. Of course he was angry. He should have been angry. We all should be angry. This must never happen again. A President of the United States was distracted from performing his duty solely because of a partisan witch-hunt based on zero evidence. What made this worse was the fawning support of the MSM that trashed Trump 24/7 with fake news stories pretending the legal noose was closing in on his presidency. In reality the only noose was the one they, like Jusse Smollett tied around their own necks to try and distract from their own culpability.

I think they have made a major mistake. Anyone who reads the Mueller Report with an ounce of objectivity knows what happened. They recognize a plot by the people who should have been loyal to the office of President of the United States even if they despised the man holding that office. Instead, they literally bragged about their disloyalty and wore their bias as a red badge of courage. I think Democrats and the MSM are about to be shocked at how well the average American understands this. They may learn that all of us are outraged. We are outraged at those who continually put self-interest above the country. We are outraged that after 240 years we still have a political party that cannot bring itself to accept the outcome of an election. We are outraged at arrogant self-righteous jerks who consider themselves above the law, above the constitution and above the will of the people. These jerks still believe the American people made a huge mistake and we should have trust them, the few, the proud, the elite to save the day.

Only one other President faced this kind of opposition. That was Abraham Lincoln, who was despised by the establishment in both parties. They considered him to be the most unqualified man to ever accidentally become President, but history teaches us he just may have been the best President of all.

Few men would have had the courage, the strength, the wisdom and the raw character to survive this kind of assault on the presidency. There clearly was a conspiracy between Democrats, the DOJ, the FBI, our Intelligence Agencies and their supporters in the MSM. How on earth did Trump or any other president survive something like that? None of them ever considered the possibility that they were the ones who got this wrong. They were oblivious to the fact that they were ones guilty of committing crimes.

Trump, incredibly, weathered the storm. He did not play their game. He did not fire Mueller. He did not even fire Sessions until after the mid-terms. Instead he cooperated with Mueller leaving him with nothing to find other than outrage that Trump was outraged. This may play in Washington DC and the New York times. It will definitely play in the Democratic corridors of congress. I don’t think it will play nearly as well in Peoria or anywhere else. The American people are on to this, they are sick of this and they are increasingly outraged by this.

Now, the President has his own team. He has an Attorney General who actually does have his back and a man clearly capable of doing the job. He is gathering unprecedented support from former RINOs like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham still has his concerns about Trump, but he no longer has the slightest illusion about Democrats. The Kavanaugh hearings proved to Graham that Democrats will do anything and everything to gain power. Republicans are finally united behind this president. They may not respect him, but they respect the office. The tide has turned and this time there is one major difference. This time the accusations won’t be based on fake stories leaked to the New York Times. There is no need for that. Trump has more than enough well documented facts to supply all the ammunition required. Those who opposed him ending up doing nothing more than pointing the finger at themselves.

I believe that when Trump was elected, he just wanted to be a good president. But, he was never given the chance to do that. While he talked about draining the swamp, he probably didn’t really mean it. He would have been fine if Democrats has just accepted the reality of his election. But, that is one thing they did not and cannot do. As a result, Trump is fully informed that if he does not destroy them, they will not only destroy him they will destroy our democracy. When he says this must never happen again to a U.S. President, BELIEVE HIM! Democrats took their best shot at Trump and they missed by a mile. I believe they just made him stronger and more dangerous. I am reminded of the words of Admiral Yamamoto, after he learned Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor before declaring war.

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Pay close attention to some of the reporting in the MSM. A lot of people have known the truth, but they lacked the courage and strength to swim against the current of corruption in the D.C. swamp. That has now changed and at least some people will actually enjoy taking on the establishment. Once the crack in their armor becomes too obvious, there are always people ready, willing and able to exploit the breech. The day of reckoning is at hand and some of you will be surprised at some of the people who join this crusade.


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