The world is breathlessly waiting for the Mueller report. Democrats are hoping and praying there is something they can bitch about. The MSM is poised to take action. If there is nothing damaging about Trump, they will claim a cover-up. If there is anything remotely critical of Trump, they will celebrate the crime of the century and ignore everything else. The one thing they will never consider is reporting on this fairly and objectively. That won’t even be considered.

We already know what is in the Mueller report. This is beyond obvious. Mueller is going to explain all the indictments resulting from his investigation. None of those indictments have any connection with the Trump campaign and/or collusion with Russia. There may be some complaints about Trump and his public comments, but by all accounts the White House fully cooperated with this investigation.

If there is anything shocking in this report it is likely to affect Democrats more than Republicans. Rudy Giuliani has already prepared a rebuttal to the report. Since the White House has not asked for a copy of the report, this means someone has at least given Giuliani enough information to prepare a response. Actually, if anyone was paying attention, Barr already told us what is in the report.

Barr said that the Trump campaign was spied on by intelligence agencies. His only question was whether there was justification for this. The fact that he said he didn’t know if there was justification is in and of itself a serious problem. This shouldn’t even be a close call. Barr also said that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia, although they were given several opportunities to do that.

The media is hopelessly naive or willfully oblivious. They still dream that somehow this will boomerang back on Trump. That is likely misplaced hope. While there may be some things that are embarrassing for Trump, keep in mind that he survived paying off a porn star for a one night stand. The threat of embarrassment has been a hugely ineffective weapon against Donald Trump.

There is also the Lori Loughlin syndrome at play. There are reports that Loughlin and Giannulli can’t grasp the concept that what they did was a crime. They view this more as cheating, yes, but a crime, not so much. The most they expected was a fine and a slap on the wrist.

In much the same way the people who plotted to obstruct a presidential campaign and then a President do not think they did anything wrong. They hate Trump so they cannot understand why the actions they took could be considered to be a crime. It is incredible to realize that high ranking officials in the DOJ and the FBI could be so oblivious to the legal consequences of their actions. I am beginning to suspect that Rod Rosenstein shared their contempt of Donald Trump, but he also realized the legal line he could not cross in performing his duties.  The same may be true of Robert Mueller. The result is that a lot of people should be very concerned about what is in that Mueller report tomorrow. The only person who doesn’t need to lose sleep about this is Donald Trump.


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