William Barr dropped the hammer on Democrats, and they know it. When he said there was spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, things literally exploded. When he said it was a really big deal, Democrats lost their mind. Then when he said he would not prejudge motive but rather rely on the facts, he smashed their last remaining delusions. It is simply OVER.

We very seldom see moments like this play out in real life. Sometimes the closest portray of such an event is in a movie. In this case it is a scene from “A Few Good Men.” It is the scene where Colonel Jessup is arrested. Colonel Jessup, throughout the movie has been the epitome of arrogance. Unfortunately for him that led to him admitting he had committed a crime. At first, he could not believe it. Then, he became even more arrogant and angry. But by the end of the scene, he was read his rights and was arrested.

To anyone paying attention, it has been obvious for a very long time that the DOJ and the FBI were spying on the Trump campaign. When Trump said that Trump Tower was wire tapped, this was met with derision. It couldn’t possibly be true and was evidence only of Trump’s self-delusion. In July 2018 when Trump said it was looking more and more like his campaign for the 2016 presidential election was being spied on, the MSM erupted with distain.

This couldn’t be true they said and if it was true, he deserved it.

“Accusations that the FBI was ‘spying’ on the Trump campaign — rather than spying on foreign spies, which is its job — erase the important distinctions between counterintelligence and criminal investigations,” Asha Rangpur, a former FBI agent who now teaches at Yale Law School, wrote in an op-ed last Sunday in the Washington Post.

The pattern by Democrats and its supporters in the MSM was always consistent. Start by denying it happened at all. If there was some “incidental” monitoring of people in the Trump campaign it was just standard technique. In the meantime, what about the mounting evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia? What about the legal noose closing in on Trump? Mueller, Mueller, Mueller. Those of us not blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome realized the obvious. Yes, there was abuse of power, but it was by the Obama administration colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign with the help of the DOJ and the FBI to influence a presidential election. The mere hint of that should have terrified the MSM. It would have terrified them if they retained an ounce of objectivity. Instead they chose to pretend that the ridiculous was obvious and that the obvious was irrelevant.

William Barr changed that in a few well-chosen words. What makes this more significant is that he is the top Law enforcement person in the country. Unlike James Comey, he is a man of integrity. Predictably Democrats are fighting back, by trying to discredit Barr. That is an effort doomed to failure. Soon and very soon a day of reckoning is coming. Like it or not, Barr has moved the needle on the narrative in a whole new direction. The few wise men and women left in the Democratic Party already know this. Unfortunately for the DNC few of them have any impact on the current leadership. The result is likely to be Democrats handling this in the worst way possible. If they continue to deny, continue to ignore and continue to promote hysteria based on already discredited sources, they will pay a terrible price.

At least those people who are trying to attack Barr are smart enough to realize the magnitude of the problem. If they do not destroy him, he will destroy them. So far, William Barr looks to be fully up to the task.

They also have two really big problems. One is a total lack of evidence supporting their position. The other is that they never learned the real lesson of the 2016 election. The American people just aren’t stupid enough to believe this crap. But they are willing to believe the accusations about you, because they are so obviously true.

There is a reason so many people in the Trump campaign stops were chanting “Lock her up.” This was red-neck group speak for “Lock Her Up.” It was thousands of people telling the establishment they just aren’t buying it anymore.  Trump didn’t invent that expression; he didn’t need to. All he really did was listen.

There are very few times in our nation’s history when major change happens in the blink of an eye. This week may be just such an event. Unless we are wrong about everything, unless all the actual facts showing up in the testimony by FBI agents under oath is wrong, then The Day of Wreckoning Is at Hand. Unless people like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Rachel Maddox truly can see facts invisible to us, then The Day of Wreckoning is at Hand.


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