Once again, the New York Times is reporting, again, based on unnamed sources allegedly connected with prosecutors on the Mueller team. We can be certain of several things. These leaks will all be negative about Trump. When is the last time you ever saw the MSM report on a positive leak about Trump? If these leaks are genuine, then the person leaking this information is committing a crime. It is illegal to leak classified information, information obtained during a Grand Jury investigation, or negative information about someone who has not been charged with a crime. If these leaks are not genuine, then they are lies. If there really are all those prosecutors on this investigation upset that the report doesn’t slam Donald Trump, it says more about them than him.  Their duty was to find the facts, period. Now they are upset that they don’t get to set the narrative?  Talk about bias.

The MSM cannot bring itself to ever report objectively on Donald Trump. They despise him and they cannot bring themselves to say anything good about him. Actually, it is much worse than that. They cannot bring themselves to say anything about him that is not extremely negative. That is why the New York Times accused Trump of supporting White Supremacy in the very same article where their investigation proved he didn’t support White Supremacy. If one reads the entire article it is easy to see what happened. They started out investigating whether or not there were people at the Charlottesville demonstration, as Trump pointed out, who were both opposed to removing the statutes and opposed to White Supremacy. They found them. They interviewed them. They reported the results of that interview. Then they just ignored the results and concluded that Trump still supported the traditional Republican racism without providing a hint of evidence.


What made this more pathetic is that it assumed that the reason Trump is racist is that he is a member of the Republican Party that has a long history of racism. They believe he is racist because that appeals to the racist Republican base. Actually, it is the Democratic Party that has a history of racism and while there are no racist Republicans with prominent buildings named after them there are numerous buildings named after racist Southern Senators. Bill and Hillary Clinton both praised their mentor, J William Fulbright who was an radical racist for his entire life. Hillary Clinton was proud to join with J. William Fulbright in the Fulbright-Clinton fellowship. But facts don’t matter because the reporters at the New York Times “feel” that Trump is a racist which makes any facts unnecessary.

Once again, they are over their skis and about to be embarrassed. If there was truly negative information about Trump, Mueller would have included it in his executive summary. He didn’t. He knew he couldn’t find evidence of obstruction of justice, so he punted that decision to William Barr. Barr called his bluff and made Rod Rosenstein stay on long enough to sign off on a finding of no obstruction.

Barr will turn in a redacted report to congress. Democratic attempts to get the redactions removed are destined to failure. However, they know that. In fact, I suspect they are counting on it, because releasing the full report may do more harm to Democrats than Republicans. The plan is to keep demanding release of the entire report while hoping and praying Barr refuses to do just that.

They have already asked William Barr to testify and he is guaranteed to eat their lunch. They are way over their heads here and he will not put up with this. Democrats are making an enormous mistake which will virtually guarantee the re-election of Donald Trump. Even people who hate Trump are sick and tired of the Democratic histrionics and theatrics with zero results. If Trump is half as bad as Democrats have been claiming than it is unforgiveable that Democrats can do nothing about this. How can they claim this man is a clear and present danger to the nation, the most corrupt president in history, but they are powerless to take any action?  They are trying to substitute louder weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth as a substitute for actual evidence. Even the hard-core liberals are sick of this. They believe the lies about Trump, they just can’t believe the incompetence of Democrats in congress.

There are signs the story is starting to turn. MSM ratings are tanking. Even SNL is starting to laugh at liberals. The Democratic class of 2020 is an obvious joke. The leading candidate is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana which has a population of just over 100,000 people. He is also openly gay, and liberals are glowing about the magnetism of the potential “first husband.” A some point even liberal women are likely to notice that gender equality ends up with transgender males competing and winning against biological women. Not only are they winning athletic competitions one won a beauty contest. You can call that a lot of things, but equality for women is not actually on the list.


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