There is increasing evidence that William Barr is on a mission to fix things at the FBI. So far, he seems focused solely on the facts and proper process. His comments on that are very similar to the position taken by Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI. One will note that although Rod Rosenstein said he was leaving, he stayed on long enough to support Barr’s decision that there was no obstruction of the Mueller investigation. That does not seem to be a coincidence. Barr pushed back very hard on those who attempted to distort his summary of the Mueller report. He specifically mentioned Chairman Nadler. According to Lindsey Graham, Barr is very upset over the way the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton e-mails.

Most of us have watched the Clintons consistently do horrible things which were just ignored by the MSM. Just imagine if it had been Donald Trump who allowed Russia to purchase our uranium. We would already be in the middle of an impeachment trial. But Hillary obviously did that and the MSM just yawned. Today the MSM is hyperventilating about people who got security clearances over the objections of intelligence officials. They ignore two significant factors. One is that those intelligence officials are hold-overs from the Obama administration and based on what we know, their opinions are not necessarily beyond reproach. No one has hinted that any of these people constitute a real threat to national security. On the other hand, when Michelle Bachmann suggested someone investigate Huma Abedin, who should never have obtained a security clearance, she was shouted down by a chorus of people led by John McCain. Huma is a wonderful person and it was ridiculous to even hint there might be a problem. The facts about her are well documented.  I wrote several articles about her starting in June 2011.  I was shocked at what was already well documented. I was even more shocked that no one cared.

The result is that we have come to expect that the Clintons will continue to get away with everything with zero consequences. It is easy to assume that this is a permanent situation that can never change. Sometimes it just seems like the truly guilty get away with it and other people are punished to the hilt for seemingly minor offenses. But the world moves in cycles and that includes the Clintons. No one, in either party, considers her to have any chance at being President or attaining any other high political office in the future. Bill Clinton has even less chance of achieving any level of power. If any of the stories about these two are true there are a lot of people who tolerated them, because of the access to power, but they did not actually like them. In the past there were rumors that anyone who criticized the Clintons had a good chance of ending up dead. Whether there was any merit to those stories or not, it is certain that at least some people believed them. That also would have prevented people from cooperating.

But the protective shield has been permanently shattered. While the MSM still shows little or no interest in investigating Hillary, they also show little or no interest in protecting her anymore. In most cases, they choose to ignore her. Bill Clinton is rarely mentioned at all. The MSM will still refuse to report on this, but that will not deter William Barr. Barr isn’t intimidated by anyone and he certainly won’t be intimidated by a subpoena issued by the House Judiciary committee. Imagine this ending up at the Supreme Court. Barr explains why it would be illegal for him to comply. The Judiciary committee argues that they have a right to everything, regardless of the law. Who do you think wins that argument?

I believe we are going to start seeing indictments, sooner rather than later. Some of those indictments will be of people very close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. They could even be personally indicted. At some point people will be given the opportunity to spill the beans on the Clinton’s or schedule vacation time in federal prison. At least some of them are likely to make a different choice than would have been made just a couple of years ago.

It is far too early to plan a celebration regarding the end of an error, but it is equally wrong to assume the Clintons will continue to walk scot free. By the way, the original meaning of Scot Free came from Scandinavia and it means getting away without paying taxes. Few people bother to research that. Today it typically means obviously guilty people who are never punished. Sounds about right, but not necessarily the final verdict.


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