One of my favorite expressions is: “never assume malice when mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation.” (This actually dates back to Hanlon’s Razor) Over the past two years we have watched the MSM in a full court press to destroy Donald Trump. That was particularly true if you watched CNN or MSNBC. Every story was produced with the intention of slamming Trump. Actually, they were designed to remove him from office. There were no exceptions. Under the circumstances, assuming malice seems logical. But lately there have been signs that this was more about incompetence than malice. That does not mean that these individuals don’t hate Trump, they do, the question is where to place the majority of the blame for the results.

Consider the following. Even if the MSM hates Trump, one would think they wouldn’t report a story that could easily be disproved. That would be beyond embarrassing. Yet, they did exactly that. This causes me to suspect they actually believed what they are reporting. It is important to know that the MSM resides in the East Coast Bubble. They all know each other. They often forget the rest of the country even exists. They all associate with each other. Even people in different parties who disagree on every issue often socialize. That is because membership in the club is more important than ideology. Hence the trap. They never dreamed that Trump is actually a man with great personal discipline. Everyone in their circle was more than willing to believe the worst about Donald Trump. After all, he clearly is not and has never been a member of the club. This isn’t even close. Even RINO Republicans like Jeff Flake were convinced that Trump was capable of colluding with Russia. He certainly was not, like them, up to the job of being President of the United States. Hillary certainly believed Trump would collude with Russia because that is what she was doing. Why would she suspect Trump of resisting the temptation?

There is strong evidence that several people tried to set Trump up. Here is what Barr actually said:

“But, as noted above, the Special Counsel did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, DESPITE MUTLIPLE OFFERS FROM RUSSIAN-AFFILIATED INDIVIDUALS TO ASSIST THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN.”

Suddenly the light bulb went on. One reason they were so sure that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia is that they knew there had been multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign. They knew this because they were in on the plot. There were people trying desperately to lure the Trump campaign into a trap. A classic example of this was the famous meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. in the Trump tower. That female Russian attorney involved met with Fusion GPS both before and after that meeting. The real shock is that the Trump campaign did the unthinkable. They just said NO.

This would explain why so many were so willing to believe that Mueller would find evidence of collusion. They were sure someone, somewhere would yield to temptation. This would explain the absolute shock to learn there was no such evidence. The very last thing they expected was for the Trump campaign to do the right things for the right reason. The Trump campaign never considered colluding with Russia because that would be unthinkable. Liberals never consider doing the right thing for the right reason so they cannot even grasp that thought process.

Phase two, the fall back strategy, was to use the Special Counsel investigation to lure Trump into obstruction of justice. They knew Trump would be royally pissed. They know he has a temper and appears to make rash judgments. Once again they underestimated the man. Yes, he has a temper. Yes, he does react with anger. But, he never loses control. There are numerous examples where Trump was furious with members of his cabinet, but he has always acted responsibly. Perhaps Michael Cohen explained this best when he said Trump would NEVER ask anyone to do something illegal. He would find a way to let you know what he wanted, but he would never cross that line. That shows a man who is very determined, but also a man who understands risk. In other words he may say things that appear to be rash, but he never actually acts rash. Even when most angry, Trump never actually loses control of his emotions. The result is that the plan of luring him into obstruction of justice also failed. Again, they were sure this would happen because they simply failed to understand this man.

In any event, this is obviously a case of extreme malice and also a case of gross incompetence. My guess is that Donald Trump is extremely thrilled to have such incompetent opponents. We as a country should be relieved because very few people would have had the personal discipline necessary to withstand this kind of assault, without making a critical mistake and without backing down. It is increasingly clear that liberals planned a coup to remove the President of the United States. He not only did not fall victim to the coup, he is now turning the table on his opponents. Sometimes incompetence is a beautiful thing.


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