Alfonse “Little Al” D’Arco died earlier this month. Most people do not know much about him. Part of that is for very good reason. He was in Witness Protection for decades.  D’Arco was the first mobster to flip sides and become an FBI informant. He was not the last. He broke the cone of silence and several other Mafia insiders turned state’s evidence resulting in the government take down of the New York Costa Nostra.


This story has been repeated on many occasions. There is a cone of silence around a lot of powerful people. One of the most entertaining was the downfall of Tiger Woods. In addition to being considered one of the greatest golfers in history, he was thought to be a man of character. He appeared to be a happily married man. That all changed when his wife chased him down their driveway with an 8 iron because she found out she had been cheating on her. Within hours all these other women came forward and the Tiger Woods man of character myth evaporated overnight. We will never know how much this affected his golf game, but he has never been the same since.

The pattern was repeated with Harvey Weinstein. There are many other examples in history. All it takes is one person to break the cone of silence and others seem to quickly follow. Today, we saw someone expose the incestuous relationship between the DNC and the MSM.  The story itself is about a minor situation. Reporter Yashar Ali, who writes for the Huffington Post and New York Magazine learned about the dates for the first 2020 DNC Primary debate. He was shocked and surprised when Dafna Linzer, managing political editor for MSNBC and NBC news called him and asked him to hold the story for an hour so the DNC could get out in front of this.


Ali realized that Linzer was not calling on behalf of her network(s) she was calling on behalf of the DNC. Although the story was no big deal, he described her actions as highly inappropriate and unethical. I can’t recall anyone outing one of the networks like this before. Anyone who watches CNN, ABC, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC and is paying attention realizes that they often say exactly the same thing with regard to any story and this verbiage comes directly from DNC talking points. Whether intentional or not, Ali exposed the level of coordination.

It is important to understand the timeline. He called the DNC and told them he was going with the story. They asked him to delay this for an hour. He said no. Dafna Linzer called him within two minutes. She said she had received a call from the DNC and she tried to bully him into delaying the story. Talk about speed dial. She then asked for his editor’s name, so she could go over Ali’s head and try to block the story that way.

He wrote that some people will twist this to discredit the media and say this shows they collude with political parties. He is right about that, but there is no twisting necessary and the MSM only colludes with the DNC.

I suspect there may be a lot of Yashar Ali type people out there. These are good honest people, in many cases very liberal, but they are appalled to realize the MSM has been colluding with the DNC to lie to everyone. Prior to now, they all knew about this, but were afraid to even admit it to themselves. They feared the establishment in the MSM just like D’Arco and others were terrified of the Costa Nostra. After all, the people making these decisions, much like Harvey Weinstein, can make or break careers. But history teaches us that once someone gets up the courage to report something like this, others are sure to follow. The real danger for the establishment in the MSM may not be Donald Trump or supporting Republicans. It may be people like Yashar Ali who recognize that something is really wrong and they develop the courage to do something about it.

The establishment in the MSM has been around forever. Much like the establishment in the Democratic Party has been around forever. But most of the people currently running for the Democratic Party are anything but establishment players. There is now a mad scramble to fill the obvious leadership vacuum. We are likely to see a very similar pattern in the MSM. Quite frankly a lot of people who should have known better have egg all over their face. While bias will be tolerated and perhaps encouraged, pure incompetence is never welcome. This was an incompetent as it comes. Don’t be all that surprised if a whole new generation of news reporters, with the same outlook at Yashar Ali, seize the day. This is impossible to predict but may be very fun to watch.


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