Donald Trump inherited a total mess. He had an FBI literally engaged in a conspiracy to remove him from office. His own intelligence agencies like the CIA and the DNI were involved in a plot to spy on his presidential campaign. The MSM was totally against him. Democrats were refusing to accept the results of the election. He was being resisted at every step and in many cases the people he could trust the least were the people he needed to trust the most.

Then, the miracle. The appointment of Robert Mueller. Trump’s enemies rejoiced. Saint Mueller would expose the evil Trump and pave the road to his removal from office. When Mueller hired a cast of hard-core anti-Trump democrats, his enemies could hardly contain their glee. They were so sure that Mueller would get this done that they turned their focus totally on him. He must be allowed to do his job. Democrats even tried to pass legislation prohibiting Trump from firing Mueller. If there was any shred of doubt, that was dispatched when Trump publicly trashed Mueller on a regular basis. If Trump hated him, this proved that Mueller was exactly what was needed. The result was that everyone else backed off and trusted Mueller to do the investigation. Republicans held a couple of hearings, but they accomplished nothing. It was Mueller, Mueller, Mueller and it was only a matter of time before Trump felt the noose tightening around his neck.

Then, after two year, Mueller ended his investigation, and there is not even a hint of collusion with Russia. There is no indictment of Trump or anyone really close to him. Manafort and Cohen were both indicted for crimes that had nothing to do with Trump. Cohen did plead guilty to a campaign finance violation by paying off Stormy Daniels, but it is questionable as to whether or not, if true, this is even a crime and if it was a crime the maximum punishment would have probably been a weekend of house arrest. The MSM was too busy rejoicing to notice.  Several Russians were indicted, but none of them are likely to show up for trial and not only did the indictments not mention Trump, they didn’t mention ANY Americans. Now Mueller has turned in his report and there will be NO FURTHER INDICTMENTS. Hope is fading fast.

Liberal Democrats and the MSM, having gone all in on Mueller are standing there with nothing but egg on their face. They are still in the denial stage, hoping and praying that somewhere in time there is some document unearthed by Mueller that will save the day. But the reality is that if such evidence existed, Mueller would have issued an indictment. Wise men know this, CNN not so much.

In the meantime, John Huber and Michael Horowitz have been conducting far more serious investigations in total secrecy behind closed doors. The MSM doesn’t have a clue about what is coming, because they have been all in on Mueller. So, at the same time they are confronted with the reality that Mueller has less than nothing, we are likely to start seeing indictments that will shock their world.

Some have figured this out, which is why they had trouble restraining tears while reporting on this last night. Others will continue to rant and rave pretending the Mueller report still contains a well-hidden rainbow. Earth to Schiff, there is no rainbow, there never has been a rainbow, there never will be a rainbow. It only existed in your own deluded mind.

At some point, the following will become increasingly obvious. Regardless of why and how Mueller was appointed, he did save the day, but for Donald Trump, not his enemies. Instead he lured Trump’s enemies into a false sense of security which may ultimately prove to be fatal.

The perfect storm is on the way. The damage will be unprecedented. No one will pay a higher price than those too blinded by their own hatred to see the gathering clouds.


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