The MSM, led by CNN, has been desperately praying to the God they don’t think exists that the Mueller Report will savage Donald Trump. They also hope and pray Mueller will find evidence of collusion and indict someone for that, but deep down they know this will never happen. But they still dream of Mueller pulling a Comey, where he announces that Trump is guilty as sin but he just doesn’t have enough evidence to indict. That isn’t going to happen either. If they were paying attention, they would already know this. Rosenstein told them exactly how this works. Mueller won’t say crap about anyone or anything unless they are indicted. He won’t even comment on his findings. He will simply say we found these crimes, we indicted people and we have convictions. If you have any questions, read the court docs.

His report to William Barr will provide details on the investigation. Those details will NEVER be released to the public or even to congress unless someone was charged with a crime. If anyone on Mueller’s team or in the DOJ releases those documents, without authorization, they will be charged with a felony. William Barr will not release the details because to do so would violate the law and DOJ policy. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth by the usual suspects. It won’t matter.

The Mueller Report will land with an enormous thud. We will learn nothing more than what we know now, unless someone else is indicted. He will report that no one is charged for anything other than the legal documents filed with a court of law. Democrats, who were praying this would at least lead to other investigations will be horrified. Those who have been demanding that Mueller work without interference will immediately try to interfere. Those who have praised him will now trash him. Trump, who has called this a witch hunt, will thank Mueller for his service and gloat that he is exonerated.

It will soon become obvious to everyone who has been listening to the MSM that they got this all wrong, from day one. That this was, as Trump pointed out on many occasions, a major waste of time. Calling it a witch hunt is actually too generous. At least the witch hunts started with some evidence. While some will still pretend that all of the indictments by Mueller really matter, few will believe them. Only the die-hard KoolAid drinkers will even pretend to agree. Everyone else will just snicker and say: “right!

In a just world, people like Jeffrey Tobin, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and a cast of thousands should resign in disgrace. If they don’t resign, they should be fired for incompetence. This is beyond embarrassing. This is just plain stupid. Seldom in world history have so many people been so repeatedly wrong and done such incredible damage to so few with such little ammunition. This has always been a joke, based on a lie by people who should never have been trusted in the first place.

Even liberal Democrats and the remaining adults in the MSM will start distancing themselves from the fools. They will have fewer friends than Jusse Smollett and Lori Loughlin. Just think about that. Even the kids Loughlin got into USC by spending massive bribes have turned on her. My favorite is her daughter who said she never wanted to go to college anyway. Ouch! Even SNL is going to start running skits slamming the conspiracy theorists. Odds are someone is already rehearsing for an Adam Schiff type character. I mean this is just too funny to ignore.

The closest thing we have ever had to this moment is when Geraldo Rivera broadcast opening the wall into a room containing nothing other than a couple of empty beer cans in a future search for Al Capone’s secret treasure. The difference is the Geraldo eventually recovered, somewhat. It is hard to imagine anyone taking these clowns seriously on any subject in the future. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool yourself, for years, like I said: “Stuck on Stupid.”


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