I very seldom watch Fox News and it is rare for me to watch Sean Hannity. It is not that I dislike him, it is rather that he seems to repeat the same show over and over again. However, I have learned that Hannity has connections unavailable to anyone else. I suspect this is because of his total support of Donald Trump from day one. Hannity guessed right about that and he has been rewarded. It was Hannity who got the interview with Donald Trump after the Hanoi summit.

Now Hannity is reporting that indictments are coming with regard to what he refers to as the deep state. He has been promising things regarding this for a long time, but now he is saying action is imminent. It would be wise to pay attention, because Hannity’s predictions have a way of coming true.

In addition, there should be indictments. Even with the limited information already in the public domain, it is obvious there was a conspiracy to remove a sitting U.S. President. We know this from the congressional testimony already released. Even though much of this was redacted and the hearings were predictably chaotic, these were still very informative. We can be sure there is more, a lot more.

The real question at this time is who was involved in this conspiracy. Based on the testimony of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, this goes way beyond these two individuals. It certainly appears to involve Loretta Lynch and there is potential this extends into the Oval office. While liberals are hyperventilating about the possibility of Donald Trump refusing to leave office if he is defeated in 2020, they ignore the increasing evidence that Barack Obama ordered the DOJ, FBI and the intelligence agencies to interfere in the 2016 election. He definitely tried to sabotage Trump’s ability to govern when he announced sanctions against Russia shortly before leaving office. Obama has done everything possible to undermine Trump since leaving office. Contrast that with George W. Bush who refused to say anything negative about Obama when he left office. That continued even when Obama ordered our troops out of Iraq, something Bush warned him not to do, with disastrous consequences. Sadly, now even Bush feels compelled to take shots at Trump, but at least he is much more subtle than Obama.

I do think indictments are on the way. There are several reasons, besides what is reported on Hannity to believe that. One is the way William Barr stood next to the president and strong defended his executive order. Barr looks and acts like a man on a mission. Combine that with the statement by John Huber that he and Barr will hold the offenders accountable. Huber didn’t say anything while Sessions was AG. Perhaps he is speaking now because Barr, unlike Sessions, has not recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation.  Barr has now been AG long enough to have assembled his core team of people he trusts.

There are also hints that the MSM is hearing the same thing. They are starting to quietly back off the Russian collusion thing. Granted the usual suspects on CNN remain oblivious, but the real talent in the MSM is quietly distancing themselves. Even Ted Koppel said that Trump has reason to believe the MSM is out to get him. That was a remarkable admission by someone who knows the difference between a biased perspective and a conspiracy.

This came true faster than I thought possible. There are reports that Gregory B. Craig is about to be indicted. He was Obama’s White House Counsel. He was Bill Clinton’s Director of Policy planning. It turns out he was doing the same type of lobbying for a foreign country as Paul Manafort. As a matter of fact, he was hired by Manafort to write a report on behalf of Yanukovych. Wait, it gets better. He was investigated by, gasp, Loretta Lynch, who decided this was all legal and dropped the case. Sound familiar? Mueller, disagreed. He turned this case, along with Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, over to Federal prosecutors in New York. If, and this is a big if, Craig and/or Podesta are actually indicted, there will be more Democrats close to Obama indicted than Republicans close to Trump.

If any of the already public information is correct, there should be indictments. If Trump had been involved, in any way, with the Uranium One deal he would have already been impeached and Republicans would have voted to remove him from office. If anyone remotely close to Trump had sent classified e-mails on a personal server, they would have been prosecuted. The MSM attacked Ivanka and Jared for using a personal e-mail account to send, shock, personal e-mails. Nothing was close to being classified, they forwarded news articles or political commentary.

Now there is a report that the Ukraine is investigating whether Paul Manafort’s private records were released at the request of the Clinton campaign to influence the 2016 election. It gets worse. It is alleged that the U.S. Embassy in the Ukraine played a key role in this. This is more than a little murky, because everything about the Ukraine is more than a little murky.

So, for what it’s worth, here is my prediction. The Mueller report won’t even mention collusion with Russia by anyone. There will be no mention of Donald Trump at all. It will just summarize all the indictments and guilty pleas, pat itself on the back and move on. Democrats will loudly demand everything be released for the same reason they are demanding Trump’s tax returns. They NEED some kind of documentation so they can continue the quest for something resembling a crime by Donald Trump. They at least need something to embarrass him.

I think the spring and summer of 2019 will be filled with indictments and some if not the majority of them will be against democrats. I believe William Barr will expose the conspiracy in the FBI and he will clean house. I suspect John Huber already has cases ready for prosecution. I believe even the MSM will start reporting on this, primarily because it is too big of a story to ignore. A network, without ratings, has no advertisers which means it has no reason to exist. It is increasingly obvious, to the bean counters who count, that trashing Trump on a nightly basis no longer attracts viewers. Even liberals are turned off, because they are sick of the hysteria and wild promises that evaporate overnight.

The last two years were painful, but necessary. There was a desperate need to let the swamp self-identify. That period is now over. The investigation is about to go off the deep end.


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