We are about to be inundated with ridiculous scientific studies blaming the seriously nasty winter weather on, gasp, climate change. They really mean global warming, but there has been no global warming since at least 2000, so they say climate change. Anyone who questions climate change is too stupid to get admitted to Harvard, unless they have parents willing to shell out about $500k minimum. But, when they say climate change, they really mean global warming, which is why they always talk about climate change raising global temperatures. They still have not figured out that the scientists promoting this nonsense changed from global warming to climate change for a reason. There actually is no evidence of global warming. Climate change, on the other hand, is guaranteed. It is also conveniently impossible to measure or even define. If it is too hot that proves climate change. If it is too cold, that proves climate change. If it is too dry, that proves climate change. If it is too wet, that proves climate change. Everything is caused by climate change and all climate change is miraculously caused by CO2 levels in the atmosphere. By switching from global warming to climate change, actual data is no longer relevant. Nothing can possibly be challenged because whatever happens is always because of climate change. Like I said: Perfect.

If the media reported this with ½ an ounce of integrity, two things would be beyond obvious. The sun has far more impact on our weather than something as minor as CO2 concentrations. Every legitimate scientist knows the “Little Ice Age” was the result of reduced energy from the sun. Look up the Maunder Minimum (1645 to 1715) and the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830). They could hardly have blamed CO2 because this was long before the industrial revolution. The primary source of CO2 during these previous cold periods was what we call exhaling. Every time you breathe, the result is that you exhale CO2.

Ironically we are headed toward another solar minimum, but scientists are too busy pretending we should be terrified of global warming to notice. It is actually pretty obvious that CO2 levels have little if any impact on global temperature. We know this because CO2 levels skyrocketed from 1940 to 1970. That was when the industrial revolution really took off. But, it wasn’t warmer, it was colder. A lot colder. So cold in fact that scientists were predicting another ice age.

It did get warmer, from 1970 to 2000, but that was probably because of increased sun spot activity. Sun spot activity started slowing down again around 1997 and the result has been close to zero increase in global temperature. Now, even NASA, which fully supported the global warming nonsense with falsified information, has noticed that there has been a lull in sun spot activity for about 18 years. The only evidence of global warming came from deliberately falsified data and exists only the delusional minds of the liberal left. NASA recently admitted that our atmosphere is “losing” heat energy and we could be heading toward a period of record cold. Kinda like this winter. Some are even predicting this will return to the Maunder Minimum levels which resulted in it snowing in Boston on the 4th of July and the Thames River freezing over. Some are saying it could be worse than that.

The following article explains this very well. It was written by Vijay Jayaraj (M.Sc., Environmental Science, University of East Anglia, England). (If only his parents could have afforded to buy his way into Harvard) That would be the same East Anglia considered to be the primary source of global warming theories.

My prediction is that at some point even CNN will notice that it is actually getting colder. I can also predict that they will blame it on rising CO2 levels and their solution will be to get rid of the coal mines necessary to keep on the electricity. They will caution people to follow the example of Jimmy Carter and wear sweaters around the house while watching CNN by candle light. At some point even CNN may notice that it is hard to watch Cable Non-News without electricity.

My favorite joke of the day. Do you know what socialists used for light before they discovered candles? Answer: Electricity.


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