Rep.  Doug Collins released a 370-page transcript of the deposition of former FBI Agent Lisa Page when she testified before congress last July. Here is the link to that transcript directly from his official House website:


Mr. Collins will go down as a hero of the Republic. A lot of people did not want you to know what was in this transcript. Democrats certainly didn’t want you to know, for reasons which will be beyond obvious. The FBI and the DOJ didn’t want you to know, at least partly because this is beyond embarrassing. The MSM doesn’t want you to know because it details obstruction of justice regarding Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch. That totally destroys the liberal narrative

Warning this is a typical interview by congressional committee. That means it is blatantly partisan and unbelievably incompetent. If anyone really thinks congressional hearings are designed to provide oversight and disclose the truth, this transcript destroys that illusion.

But in spite of the best efforts to confuse the issue, this transcript still provides some very big bombshells. They should result in demands by the MSM to go into full Watergate mode. However, since the targets would be Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch, there is zero chance of that happening. Other people like those working for John Huber and the Inspector General will read this and act. So will Judicial Watch. This story is not going to go away anytime soon.

Page said that the Department of Justice was heavily involved in the Clinton e-mail investigation, including in the decision whether or not to even seek to do discovery. She specifically said that the DOJ made the decision not to use the gross negligence standard over the objections of the FBI. That includes over the objections of people like Peter Strzok who is virulently anti-Trump. This is what obstruction of justice looks like and it was done on Obama’s watch, by his DOJ. In addition, Page testified that the White House was directly briefed on the investigation, which begs the question: “What did the President know and when did he know it.” Remember that Nixon was removed from office because he helped cover-up a third-rate burglary. Hillary Clinton was guilty of literally threatening National Security.

What makes this testimony so compelling is that Lisa Page clearly hates Donald Trump and Democrats on the committee tried so desperately to confuse the issue and protect her. She really believed that the potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia was a serious threat to national security. She just didn’t have any actual evidence of that. In some ways this is mindboggling, because she also admits that Donald Trump was never legitimately the subject of an investigation. It is stunningly inconsistent and intellectually dishonest at a level that is almost unbelievable.

The MSM will try desperately to downplay this story. But just this week Judicial Watch is deposing key witnesses with regard to both the Benghazi scandal and the Email server scandal. Those depositions, unlike this fiasco, will be done by highly skilled attorneys and the results are likely to be beyond explosive. Many people are going to have a choice between lying under oath or continuing to protect everything Clinton. It is unlikely that all of them will pull a Susan McDougal and go to jail to avoid answering questions that could incriminate Bill or Hillary Clinton.


Bill Clinton is no longer president, no one really thinks Hillary Clinton will ever be president and testifying against them is now a legitimate option. This is particularly true when one considers that going to prison for lying under oath may result in one still being in prison after both Bill & Hillary are gone from this earth.

There is always a difference between speculation of what someone said and reading it in hard print. The fact that this transcript was published is literally turning the page on history and things will NEVER be the same.


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