At least some people in the MSM have figured it out. If Robert Mueller reports that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, a lot of people are in serious trouble. The leader of the pack is Adam Schiff, who loudly complained that Mueller must be allowed to investigate without interference. Now he is criticizing Mueller for not doing a thorough investigation No one is buying this.


The problem is that Mueller isn’t finding what Schiff wanted him to find. Instead there are reports that Mueller is not even investigating Trump. In spite of what you hear on CNN and the rest of the delusional MSM, the reality is that Mueller has not indicted anyone for collusion with Russia.  He did indict some obscure Russians, who are unlikely to ever show up for trial, but he did not accuse them of colluding with the Trump campaign. In fact, he did the exact opposite. He said that NO AMERICAN was involved.

The other, potentially bigger problem for Democrats, is that we now know exactly what Joe Huber has been investigating. Sessions set a letter to Huber asking him to investigate the request made by Bob Goodlatte. This was not exactly a secret, he wrote a letter to congress on March 8, 2018 explaining exactly what he did. Once again, the MSM is willfully blind. They start by pretending that the DOJ lied about the letter. This is an obvious attempt to discredit Huber. It is a strong signal they are terrified by this investigation.

While the MSM wants to pretend this was an unauthorized witch hunt, the opposite is clearly true. Read the document for yourself:


Session gave Huber the choice of even opening an investigation or assigning additional resources and whether or not to request the appointment of a special counsel.

There is zero chance the attempt to discredit Sessions and/or Huber has any merit.

Everyone assumes this is about Uranium One, but if you read the supporting documents it seems likely that this investigation has looked at several things done by the Clinton Foundation. It may stun people to realize that selling our uranium to Russia is far from the most serious allegation. There are reports that the Clinton Foundation provided access to some of our most important national defense secrets.


This article cites a lot of things that look like facts, including links to source documents. Compare that to the Russia Collusion allegations against Trump that have no source documents, no eye witness statements and no documented evidence. No one, other than Adam Schiff who considers Tea Leaves to be hard evidence and has produced nothing, has even said they have seen such evidence. Certainly, after two years of investigation, no one has been charged with this.

Now we learn that there is a mountain of evidence regarding the Clinton Foundation, it includes millions of dollars changing hands and it is a lot more serious than just influencing a Presidential election. If true, this is nothing short of a conspiracy to commit treason. While the Hillary Clinton campaign did collude with Russia during the 2016 election, it was limited in scope probably because they believed the MSM and thought this was in the bag. They suspected Trump of colluding with Russia because that is exactly what they were doing.

Recently John Huber released the following statement: “Bill Barr and I will hold offenders accountable and advance the rule of law.”

Perhaps Huber refused to testify before congress and answer their questions because he did not want anything to jeopardize his investigation. Think about how the MSM mischaracterized his initial appointment and just imagine what they would do if they thought Republicans in congress were exerting any direction or control over this investigation. If the Gateway Pundit has all these documents, then it is safe to assume that Huber has much, much more. His statement is what one would expect from a skilled prosecutor getting ready to announce indictments. He just met with his new boss and it sure looks like he was not only given the green light, he was given enthusiastic support.

Now imagine Bill and Hillary Clinton indicted with corruption and conspiracy to commit treason. The case against them is more obvious than the Jusse Smollett hoax. The FBI and the DOJ knew this, but they covered it up. The cover-up extends at least to Loretta Lynch and possibly to President Barack Obama.  Keep in mind that the same FBI pillars of virtue went nutzo investigating Trump for non-existent Russian Collusion based on information purchased from Russian intelligence by Hillary Clinton.

Now add in the disgusting case of  Ilhan Omar, who makes blatantly anti-Semitic remarks. Democrats in congress so terrified that they won’t even condemn her by name and they certainly won’t consider removing her from any committee assignments. At the same time everyone is literally freezing because of a brutal winter breaking cold temperature records, Democrats are trying to fight “global warming” by taking away our cars, asking us to give up airplanes and any form of meat. They, of course, give up nothing. By the way, they see nothing wrong with killing babies born alive.

Imagine this all breaks loose in the summer of 2019. The trials take place in the spring of 2020. It is even worse if the trials are delayed. Even CNN is forced to admit this looks bad. Now imagine your self-running for congress or any other office as a Democrat. There isn’t enough alcohol. Now take a moment and smile. Remember the words Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in 1863:

“God is not dead, nor doth he sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail.” Sometimes it seems to take too long, but the end is still inevitable.


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