It is important for everyone to understand that really secret things are really secret. That means if you know about something it probably isn’t real. If CNN reports on something, it almost certainly is not real. That is the whole point. The stuff that really matters is never willingly disclosed to the public. It is certainly never disclosed to someone as irresponsible as CNN.

The most recent issue is the alleged secret photograph of a North Korea Missile Base. This, according to the breathless anchors at CNN, means Trump is being snookered by Kim Jong-un. That is what they want to believe. It is what they desperately want you to believe. The only thing we can know for sure is that there are only two possibilities here. One is that someone committed treason and released highly classified information. The other is that these pictures reflect what the Trump administration wants you and possibly North Korea to know. In addition, if North Korea didn’t want us to know about this, do you think they would do this on an open site they know can be easily photographed. Please! Does anyone not working for CNN really believe this?

A smart person in North Korea will look at those pictures and recognize a stark warning. We know what you have and we can destroy it without notice. Frankly I have seen far higher quality satellite pictures decades ago. This can’t possible represent the best we can do. CNN, in their rush to be irresponsible, may actually be doing exactly what Trump wants them to do.

There are other things going on that are very secret. One is the investigation by John Huber. Even Republicans in congress are upset because he has not bothered to interview the usual suspects. Some have even speculated that Huber is doing nothing and investigating nothing. That seems to be the least likely outcome. In reality the most dangerous investigations are the ones you don’t read about. When the FBI was after Robert Hanssen they used a top secret unit. Only people directly involved with the unit even knew it existed. Robert Hanssen learned about this when he was arrested. The rest of us and the rest of the FBI learned about this when the FBI issued a press release on February 18, 2001 announcing the arrest of Robert Hanssen.

The point is that if Huber is doing serious work, odds are high that no one outside of his team has a clue. He definitely would not make the mistake of interviewing high profile individuals who have already testified under oath before congress. That does not mean there is no monitoring or surveillance of these individuals. In fact, the opposite may be true. The lack of public information may be more indicative of the seriousness of the process.

Ask yourself a question. Suppose you were Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. You inherited an FBI where some if not most of the senior people at the FBI were engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government. What would you do? You certainly would not ignore this. That would not be an option. Odds are you would try to isolate these people, stop the plot and investigate them without alerting them to what was really happening. If the goal was to stop the plot, the appointment of Robert Mueller may have achieved that goal. Then you might have let the conspirators continue to meet and plot, because your ultimate goal was to totally destroy them.

On April 4, 1605 Guy Fawkes was caught guarding a cache of explosives placed under the House of Lords. The goal was to destroy the House of Lords, to assassinate King James 1 and replace him with a catholic monarch. There was a recent documentary about this proposing that the plot was actually discovered quite a while before April 4th. It was allowed to grow and expand until the arrest was even more dramatic.  That is probably true, because an October 26 letter alerted authorities to the plot and there are indications they may have known about it before that letter was even written. The plot was not made public until after Guy Fawkes was caught carrying matches with 36 barrels of gunpowder stacked next to him. All of the conspirators were arrested. They were executed by hanging, drawing and quartering.

A Puritan Member of Parliament suggested that the King was spared by divine intervention. The result was that Parliament passed the Observance of November 5th as a day of thanksgiving that the plot was not successful. This was the beginning of the Guy Fawkes Day celebrations, which were at least originally designed to celebrate the failure of the plot. More recently there have been attempts to portray Guy Fawkes as some kind of revolutionary and hero. Guy Fawkes masks have even showed up at Occupy Wall Street protests. This is consistent with the recent elevation of people like Che Guevara to revolutionary saint status. Both were in fact extremely brutal and largely unsuccessful criminals.

I have a sense that there is a secret storm brewing and that most of what you see and hear is just noise produced by the naïve, biased and ill informed. The real battle is likely being fought in secret, behind closed doors. When and only when, this is done, will we learn the full scope of what happened. The results are likely to be beyond explosive.


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