The Michael Cohen testimony was clearly designed solely to embarrass Donald Trump. It was unthinkable that Democrats would put on this charade while President Trump was literally negotiating nuclear disarmament with North Korea. It shows that the hatred for Donald Trump far exceeds their love of country. It was beyond belief that Cohen met with both Adam Schiff and Elijah Cumming, prior to this testimony so they could discuss potential questions. But what makes this even worse is that in spite of their best efforts, the hearing was an unmitigated disaster, for Democrats, for the Mueller investigation and particularly for Michael Cohen.

This is so bad that even Chris Cillizza, who never misses an opportunity to trash Trump and anyone who dares support him, noticed. The problem is that Cohen not only lied under oath, he repeated a patently obvious lie on several occasions. Cillizza pointed out, correctly for possibly the first time ever, that this discredited Cohen’s entire testimony.

This hearing was nothing more than proof positive that Democrats are absolutely desperate to find something, anything, to damage Trump. There is no chance they would call someone like Cohen to testify, if they had anything else. Yesterday I accidentally tuned in my Sirius radio to CNN. I listened for about 5 minutes and was absolutely shocked at how bad this was, even for CNN. On the day after Trump had broken off negotiations with Kim Jong-un, Wolf Blitzer was talking to a Democratic congresswoman who was gushing over her plans to call Allen Weisselberg. Certainly, she opined, if Trump ever did something wrong, Weisselberg would be in a position to know that. This is all based on testimony by the thoroughly discredited Michael Cohen. It is clear that the Democrats now want to investigate every single financial transaction by anyone remotely connected with Donald Trump in a desperate search for tomorrow, or I should say, yesterday.

I expect Weisselberg to politely decline and I doubt there is enough time left in Trump’s first term to compel him to testify about anything. You can’t subpoena someone because you hope he might know something about something that could possibly be a crime. You can’t do that to anyone and you certainly can’t do that to the President of the United States.  This is just absurd. What makes is more absurd is that someone like Wolf Blitzer was too biased to even notice.

Democrats are way out over their skies on this. The only people in a worse position are those who call themselves news reporters at CNN. The problem is that Mueller is about to release his report and there won’t even be a hint of Russian collusion and the Trump campaign. Neither will there be any accusations of criminal conduct by Donald Trump. We already know that, because Mueller already said Trump was not even a subject of the investigation. Rob Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, has said the same thing. But CNN refused to believe that. This means when the Mueller report is released, CNN will immediately demand to know what’s missing. What’s missing is their failure to consider the obvious. Devin Nunes, who knows all the facts, is the one demanding Mueller release all documents.

“I want everything that Mueller did made public. I want every email, everybody that they wiretapped, every warrant that they got,”

Democrats and their worshipers at CNN only want Mueller to release anything that has the potential to damage Trump. There is a reason Nunes wants everything released and Adam Schiff does not. It is because both of them know what everything means.

The reality is that after two years of constant harping, those people harping about the evil Donald Trump have come up with Buptkis. They have less than nothing. They have only uncovered things that do more harm to Trump’s enemies than to Trump himself.

The reminds me of Gary Hart. Hart graduated from Bethany Nazarene College and Yale Divinity School. He apparently switched from preaching to politics. A lot of people knew about Gary Hart. He had a reputation for seducing female campaign workers and then ignoring them. He was even accused of sexually harrassing a female reporter by greeting her wearing a bath robe. The rumors were always there, but when a reporter asked him if he had ever committed adultery, he denied it and stupidly challenged them to prove it. “Follow me around. I don’t care. I’m serious. If anyone wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They’d be bored.” They did follow him, with disastrous results for Gary Hart.

Democrats did not ask anyone to investigate Hillary Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ, but when they asked Mueller to investigate Trump, they forgot who and what else was hiding behind closed doors. That is becoming increasingly obvious. It is also obvious that Trump, who did not ask anyone to investigate him, is the only one who actually had nothing to hide.


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