Democrats are voting today to reject Trump’s declaration of an emergency on our Southern Border. The real emergency, for Democrats, is the need to embarrass Donald Trump. This is in spite of the fact that many of them admitted there was an emergency, when Obama was President. It is in spite of the fact that many of them voted to fund a border wall, when Obama was President. The only thing that changed was the election of Donald Trump. They hate him and are willing to do anything to embarrass him and to obstruct him from being an effective President. This includes obstructing him from doing something they know is critical to our national security.

In the meantime, Michael Cohen is testifying in public about the Stormy Daniels affair. At worst, this was a one night stand between a civilian, Donald Trump, and a porn star. Trump is accused of paying for her silence. The same Democrats, who used public funds to silence people accusing high ranking Democrats of sexual assault, consider this to be the crime of the century. By the way, the person they are calling to testify has been CONVICTED of lying to congress. He has less credibility than Jusse Smollett.

Top Democrats are also arrogantly giving advice to Donald Trump on how to deal with Kim Jong-un, while explaining why he is not up to the job. Everything they suggest has been tried in the past, with zero positive results. It is clear that the only thing they really want is for Trump to fail. They would rather have North Korea testing nuclear weapons and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles than risk giving Donald Trump a political victory. .

Is there no Democrat concerned about the undeniable fact that Trump is negotiating on our behalf. That if he fails, the results are likely to be catastrophic. That if he succeeds, the world will be a safer place for everyone. They don’t appear to care at all. Neither does the MSM. If they can embarrass Trump, if they can somehow regain power, nothing else matters.

In the meantime Donald Trump is meeting with the President of Vietnam, preparing for dinner tonight with Kim Jong-un. Tomorrow he is meeting with Kim Jong-un to try and negotiate an agreement to end the Korean War and to develop a plan forward for nuclear disarmament.

To be blunt, while the President of the United States is literally trying to save the world, Democrats are doing everything possible to obstruct him from succeeding. No one in the MSM seems to even notice or care. If you are a Democrat, you must be very proud. But consider this: If you succeed, we all fail.

In your moment of glory, reflect on this. While George W. Bush was President and he had Assad very afraid, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry flew to Syria to undermine Bush. Nancy, met with Assad and assured us all that Assad was a good man. We could trust him. That obviously worked really well.

Just imagine how effective this type of talent would be with Kim Jong-un. The only chance for success would be if he laughed so hard he became physically incapacitated. Trump is not perfect, but the Democrats who are trying to obstruct him are perfectly awful.


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