CNN has one standard for a Democratic President and a completely different standard when a Republican is in office.  Five years ago, while on a humanitarian visit to Guatemala, Rand Paul dared criticize Obama administration immigration policies. CNN was OUTRAGED. They quoted Michael Czin, the DNC press secretary saying: “American has a proud tradition of letting politics stop at the water’s edge, but Paul doesn’t think that tradition applies to him. Regardless of political party, we do not go abroad and slam our own because of policy differences.”


Now we have President Trump visiting Kim Jong-un in North Vietnam and the stakes simply could not be higher. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, should be praying that Trump negotiates a settlement that results in North Korea shutting down its nuclear arms program without having to use our military in a bloody high risk military conflict. Even if you hate Trump, as liberals clearly do, he is still our President and if he succeeds we all benefit. Does anyone really want to go back to the situation during the last year of the Obama presidency when North Korea was testing nuclear weapons and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles? It was so dangerous that when some guy in Hawaii accidentally sent out a warning about an incoming missile from North Korea, a lot of people literally panicked because it was so believable.

Many people believed that the only way to even slow down North Korea was to go to war. A war that would likely cost thousands of lives and literally risk a nuclear holocaust. It is hard to imagine any negotiation with more at stake. If there was ever a time when this country needed to united behind a President, it is now. But instead the liberal media is literally slamming Trump and telling our enemies that Trump is a fool who cannot possibly be trusted. The good news is that, so far, no one in North Korea, Russia or China pays any attention to the idiotic reporting by CNN. If they did, odds are high that we would either be attacked and forced to respond with catastrophic results, or we would be attacked and fail to respond with even more catastrophic results.

I have been disgusted with the treatment of this President by the MSM for a long time. They are clearly incapable to reporting honestly with regard to anything he does. But this goes far beyond that. This is dangerous. Let me put this squarely in perspective. Suppose you are Kim Jong-un and you are wondering whether or not to negotiate with the U.S. or threaten us with Nuclear weapons. Would you be more likely to be intimidated by Donald Trump or by Nancy Pelosi pointing at Trump with that fake hand clap and the silly smirk. Remember, your life and the life of every single American citizen is at stake.

Perhaps, better yet, send over Kamala Harris to giggle about smoking weed. Or perhaps Kirsten Gillibrand so she could lean over and grasp Kim Jong-un’s hand to show she understands his pain. Better yet, send Alexander Ocasio-Cortez. She would scare Kim Jong-un into submission. Democrats have forgotten something important. The primary duty of a President is to defend the country and if you tell the world he is not up to the job, you endanger all of us.

This isn’t funny anymore. This is downright dangerous. It borders on treason. Actually, it borders on insanity. To put this in perspective suppose you are confronted by an angry man with a gun. A police officer confronts the bad guy, draws his weapon and demands he drop his weapon. You laugh and say don’t worry about this guy, his gun isn’t even loaded and if it was, he would be afraid to shoot and by the way, he’s a lousy shot. Would that make you safer?


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