Jusse Smollett appears to have forgotten something really important. While the MSM portrays all conservatives and Trump supporters as naïve, racist, violent radicals, the reality is quite the opposite. It is not conservatives who are out there screaming insults at people. Yes, there are angry people screaming racist slurs, but they are usually liberals. Check out the news today. There are numerous reports of protestors complaining about Trump building the wall. These protests are actually quite small and even the MSM is having a problem pretending they matter.  There are few, if any, reports of anyone protesting for the wall. Perhaps they are happening, but probably without the insults and definitely without the widespread coverage by the MSM.

So where are all those violent racist protests demanding the wall NOW? Here’s some guidance on how to find these kinds of dangerous radicals. They are in the same place as all those racist bigots who wear MAGA hats so they can roam the streets of Chicago in -10 degree weather at 1:30 a.m. hoping and praying they spot some black gay celebrity to attack. In other words, they usually exist only in the delusional mind of the liberal left.

If you think I am exaggerating, try this experiment. For one week wear a shirt saying: gay pride or better yet dress up in rainbows. See how many people attack you. Odds are a lot of people will laugh and walk away, but you’re probably pretty safe from actually being attacked. Now, spend the next week wearing a MAGA hat. Warning, the odds of you being insulted, refused service or even attacked have just skyrocketed.

When I first heard about this incident I suspected a hoax. So did most people who don’t pretend to be reporters working for the MSM. Some people are just not happy unless they are unhappy. Liberals are like that. They require outrage to feel good about themselves. They are still dreaming of the coveted former tea party member wearing a MAGA hat and clutching a Bible while committing mass murder. When this never actually happens, they just pretend it happened anyway. The result is they make huge embarrassing mistakes. Except that liberals are incapable of embarrassment. This is what happens when you are too blinded by emotions to consider actual facts.

In this case, the real problem for Smollett is that he messed with the wrong people. That would be the United States Postal Service. Now the average mailman (person) is not that much of a threat, but the Postal Inspectors are the real deal. They spend all their time investigating crimes and aren’t distracted by their hatred of Donald Trump or anyone else. Most people don’t even know they exist. But they do, and they are very serious people. There are reports that they have already tracked that “threat” letter allegedly sent to Jusse Smollett, to, gasp, Jusse Smollett. He just may have sent it to himself. He probably was very careful to avoid leaving finger prints, but perhaps forgot he had his cell phone in his pocket when he went to mail the letter. Yes, the Postal Inspectors concentrate on “snail mail” but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to use technology. He likely to learn all about this when a Postal Inspector is clicking the cuffs on him in preparation for a long vacation at a federal funded facility we call a federal prison.

All those people like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who called this a public lynching, are now trying to pretend they never even heard of Smollett. Since he is a black gay liberal, they won’t give him the Kavanaugh treatment and automatically believe anyone who accuses him. Instead they will demand everyone wait for due process. This gives them time to rehearse answering embarrassing questions with: “Jusse who?


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