Andrew McCabe is already engaged in a desperate attempt to say he didn’t say what he said and more importantly he didn’t mean what he meant. Few, if anyone is actually buying this. Odds are he has a highly skilled defense attorney who explained the consequences of admitting to treason on National TV. McCabe really thought he would be the ultimate hero. Instead, he is now the top name of the list of people most likely to go to jail.

He has already tried to throw Rod Rosenstein under the bus. Don’t be surprised if he adds more people to the list. This is what desperate people do.  If McCabe is not desperate, if is only because he does not fully appreciate his perilous condition. McCabe and his merry band of fools were blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump and their self-inflated egos. They spent most of their days patting each other on the back while smirking at the clown the American people had stupidly elected to be President of the United States. They were too absorbed with themselves and each other to realize that not only was there no evidence to support their theory, their theory was absurd. McCabe is already doomed; the real question is whether he plans on taking other people down with him.

I have tried to understand how so many allegedly smart people were so incredibly stupid. Then the answer became obvious. They suspected Trump of colluding with Russia because they knew they were helping Hillary Clinton collude with Russia. This happens more often than you think. People suspect others of doing something because they know it is exactly what they have been doing. That is why people convicted of sexual harassment were among the first to lecture others accused of the same thing. Trump is routinely accused of lying and taking things out of context by people who routinely lie and take things out of context. Everything they say or do has an ulterior motive, so they assume everything Trump does has an ulterior motive. They never even consider the possibility that Trump might be doing the right thing for the right reason.

They are ignoring something really important. Most of the people currently running for President are doing so because they want the power and the glory and the enormous wealth. They know that someone like Obama, who had little or nothing in the way of accomplishments in any field, is now worshiped world wide and is filthy rich. They saw Bill and Hillary Clinton achieve very similar results. Perhaps Bill Clinton summed up his administration best when he said: “I may not have been the greatest president, but I’ve had the most fun eight years.” I think Obama feels exactly the same, with the only exception that Obama is so self-absorbed that he still thinks he did an outstanding job.

George W. Bush was very different. He said he did not view being president as the goal of a lifetime but rather as the opportunity of a lifetime. George W. Bush was very wealthy before he became President and his lifestyle since leaving office is very similar to what it was before he ran for office. He is far less visible that either Clinton or Obama. This is partly because of the way the MSM treats Republicans and Democrats but it is also because that is what Bush wants. Whenever you see Clinton or Obama, it is always about them. When you see Bush, it is always about someone else, like wounded warriors.

Donald Trump was rich and famous before he ran for President. He may be the only President in history who experienced a serious downgrade in lifestyle after he was elected. He certainly experienced a huge drop in pay. Trump has often said he didn’t run for President because he needed the job, but rather because the job needed him. So far, he appears to be totally focused on doing the right thing. This, of course, is a perspective that his enemies cannot even comprehend.

I remember once when I was in a high-level executive meeting. We were discussing  the motivation for a major decision by a competitor. I asked whether or not they might have done this just because it was the right thing to do. They all laughed and said: “well we all know that is the least likely explanation.

This is exactly how Trump’s enemies view him. They don’t know why he is so fixated on building a border wall because they cannot grasp the concept that he may be doing this because he thinks it is the right thing to do. They certainly never considered authorizing the expenditure because it is obviously the right thing to do. Every decision they make is motivated by self-interest and their obsession with destroying Donald Trump. The result is that they often not only ignore an opportunity to do the right thing, they choose an alternative path that leads to destruction.

The case study in this is Andrew McCabe and he is likely to have the opportunity to reflect on this while spending several years behind bars. Democrats would have been wise to admit that there is a crisis on our southern border and to willingly work with the President to fix it. He would have been more than willing to listen to legitimate honest debate on the best alternatives. He probably would have given them things they really wanted, like DACA in order to do the right thing.

Instead, they foolishly demand that people disregard the obvious and accept their ridiculous assertion that there is no emergency, it was all made up by Trump. This is remarkably similar to those who demanded worship at the alter of global warming while people were enduring record low temperatures because of the polar vortex.

A day of reckoning may come sooner than you think. The establishment in Great Britain despised Winston Churchill and scorned him when he warned about Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. That continued until things go so bad that they turned to Winston Churchill, in desperation. Overnight he morphed from the worst possible candidate for Prime Minister to the only possible candidate for Prime Minister.

If Trump is right, and I think he is, then Democrats are making an enormous mistake. Those who ignore the facts and disregard history often pay a terrible price for their mistake.


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