I only watched a few minutes of the Whitaker hearing today. It is increasingly clear that the Democratic Party has lost its collective mind. They have obviously convinced themselves that Donald Trump is an evil monster and that Whitaker is the Devil’s Disciple. There is zero evidence supporting this, of course, but the modern Democratic Party cannot be bothered with actual evidence. They feel that Whitaker is evil so he must be evil. This was nothing short of embarrassing. If you listened to the Democrats you would think that Mueller has found irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, obstructed justice and is a clear and present danger to our democracy. The reality is that just recently Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller Investigation, said Trump isn’t even a subject of the investigation. We know this because Trump said this during an interview and Rosenstein did not dispute saying this.

This, of course, is the worst case scenario for Democrats. They want Trump to be guilty. They need Trump to be guilty; they have worked themselves up into lather by foolishly believing their own talking points even when the truth has been obvious from day one.

This reminds me of the Richard Jewel case. He was the man who alerted police to the presence of a knapsack, before it exploded at the Atlanta Olympics. Although there was zero evidence linking Jewell to the crime, the FBI “thought” he looked guilty. The MSM picked up on this and Richard Jewell was harassed 24/7 by an out of control media totally convinced that he was the evil bomber. It was pathetic.

The FB I Director at the time was Louis Freeh. When he learned that the FBI was going to interview Jewell he demanded that they read him his Miranda rights. The agent involved, Don Johnson, said he felt: “blindsided” by this. Seriously? Blindsided by being asked to follow proper procedure? So Johnson did read Jewell his Miranda rights, but pretended it didn’t matter because it was a training film. At that point Jewell called his attorney who quickly put an end to the interview. However, although the interview was over, this was just the beginning of the problems for Richard Jewell.

So why did the FBI become so convinced that Jewell was the prime suspect? It is beyond bizarre. The President of Piedmont College, Ray Cleere, called the FBI in Atlanta after he saw Jewell on TV. Apparently Jewell worked there as a security guard. Cleere claims that the folks at the FBI didn’t pay “sufficient” heed to what he was saying. That is pretty amazing, because the FBI did everything but threaten Jewell with an immediate public lynching. Cleere later said that when he called the FBI he didn’t saying anything of note. It seems possible that Cleere just didn’t like Richard Jewell and was offended that he was being treated like a hero. The only thing we know for sure about Cleere is that he was consistently inconsistent. We also know that Jewell had no involvement in the placement of that bomb. He also voluntarily took a lie detector test, which he passed, but the facts just never mattered.

In any event, the FBI went full nutzo. They decided Jewell was the guy, and then developed a profile based on what they knew about Jewell. They then used this profile to explain why he was guilty. Talk about circular reasoning. Then it got worse. There were about 30,000 law enforcement people in Atlanta because of the Olympics. Apparently one FBI agent leaked the information about Jewell and it spread like wildfire among the law enforcement community.

Freeh took the case away from the local agents and turned this over to the National Security Division. The National Security Division was trained to use intimidation and manipulation. This contrasts with other divisions of the FBI which insist on the boring practice of actually gathering evidence to be used in court. The results were spectacularly bad.

By the way, the National Security Division was replaced in 2005 by the National Security Branch. Andrew McCabe, yes THAT Andrew McCabe was appointed executive assistant director of the National Security Branch in 2013. My oh my, be still my soul!

Initially the media refused to report on Jewell, because it was unsubstantiated. But then they started to hear other law enforcement officials saying the same thing so they assumed it must be true. No one realized all of this came from the same one unreliable source. Sound familiar? This is exactly what happened with the Russia Collusion fiasco.

Guess which Network was first to go national with the story. YOU GUESSED IT…CNN. In a short period of time Jewell was the subject of wide spread character assassination. Some even compared him to Wayne Williams, the suspect in all those murders in Atlanta. Eventually the real suspect, Eric Rudolph, was identified: He had also done four other bombings, including one of an abortion clinic. The FBI botched that too. Rudolph went on the lamb and wasn’t apprehended for five more years. Even then, it wasn’t the result of the FBI manhunt; a police officer in Murphy, North Carolina spotted Rudolph hiding behind a grocery store at 4:00 a.m. The policy officer asked the Cherokee County Sheriff’s department for backup and one of the Sheriff Deputies recognized Rudolph.

There are numerous stories about this. Following is a link to some of them:

Some of you may wonder why I know so much about this. I was working for ABM during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. ABM provided the security at some of the Olympic facilities. When that bomb went off, I was called by our security official on the scene almost immediately. I was in Chicago on business and they called the phone in my hotel room. I still remember that call. “Terry, a bomb just went off at the Olympics, what do we do?” It turned out that ABM personnel had zero involvement in any of this, but I obviously had good reason to follow the details of this very closely.

This is literally a case study in piss poor police work accompanied by totally irresponsible reporting in the MSM. After watching the hearings today, it is clear that the FBI, CNN and the Democratic Party are using the same playbook used so successfully in the Richard Jewell fiasco. My prediction is that they will ultimately end up achieving remarkably similar results. They are just far less likely to consider apologizing.



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