President Trump is announcing a speech to the nation tonight at 9:00 EST. The networks have all agreed to broadcast this live. This is an acknowledgement that Trump has the right to speak directly to the public regarding a situation he considers to be an emergency. This is a significant contrast between when in 2014 Obama asked for air time to “xplain” his new immigration policy.

This is a huge problem, for Democrats. Trump is a master showman.  He appears to be planning on speaking for about eight minutes. It would be foolish to underestimate him. You may like him, you may hate him, but you can’t take your eyes off him. The man flat out knows how to work a camera.

Neither the Democratic Party nor any member of the main stream media approaches this level of personal magnetism. Responding to a speech from the Oval office is always risky. Remember all those Republicans who gave the response to a State of the Union speech by Barack Obama?  Me neither, which is the point. This is like entering a slam dunk contest with Lebron James when you can’t even play basketball.

Pelosi and Schumer routinely accuse Trump of lying and Pelosi says the law is immoral. They are both on public record supporting a wall, before Trump was President. Was the portion of the wall built by Obama immoral too? Even Chris Cuomo at CNN noticed the problem. The usual suspects like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are too busy being the problem to notice the problem.

Trump has a team of speech writers verifying every fact. Nancy and Chuck and others responding to him will be basically winging it. Always remember that a President of the United States knows things you do not know. It is extremely risky to challenge a President regarding factual issues. If they falsely accuse him of lying, they will be shredding their own credibility.

If the people listening tonight believe Trump, Democrats are in deep doo doo. Since Trump is reporting on something that is obviously true, odds are a lot of people will believe him. Most of those who will never believe him will probably not bother listening to his speech in the first place.

These things are impossible to predict, but if I were a Democratic strategist contemplating Pelosi and Schumer responding in real time on National Television to Donald Trump, with zero time to prepare, I would be very very worried.


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  1. People who blindly follow a woman who has stated that ” We have to pass the bill into law before we read it” leaves me wondering how they are smart enough to survive!

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