In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in Los Angeles County by a margin of 1,694,621; with 2,464,364 votes compared to Trump’s 769,743 votes. Hillary won by 2,868,518 votes nationwide, but she won by 4,269,978 in California alone. Obviously, if it wasn’t for California, Hillary LOST the popular vote by a big margin.

We now know for a fact that California vote totals are highly suspect. Judicial Watch just won a stunning victory that will have a major impact on cleaning up voter registrations in California, particularly in Los Angeles County:

The problem was well known but ignored by the main stream media.  Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit that proved that millions of inactive voters were on the voter rolls in Los Angeles County alone. They forced Los Angeles County and the Secretary of State to sign a settlement agreement to clean up California voter rollsLos Angeles County must remove 1.5 million inactive voters from existing voter rolls. That is remarkably close to Hillary Clinton’s total margin in Los Angeles Country.

The California Secretary of State has reluctantly agreed to bring California in compliance with federal guidelines. Every County in California will be required to remove inactive voters and they will be required to only register new voters in compliance with federal standards.

This is one reason everyone in California has to get a new Drivers’ License if you plan on boarding an air plane after early fall 2020. You have to turn in your current license for a “real ID.” To get a real ID you need to prove both citizenship and residency. California recently tightened rules to require “two” proofs” of residency, usually current utility bills, in order to comply with federal law.

The only thing consistent in American politics is that things change. California used to be a Republican state. The Southern States used to be a Democratic block. This is exactly the kind of event that could materially change the political structure in this state.

I wrote a blog titled: “What Color is California?” in August 2017.

Then I estimated that there were potentially 1,049,371 illegal voters in Los Angeles County. If the Judicial Watch report is accurate, the actual number is closer to 1,500,000 voters and Los Angeles Country has reluctantly agreed to remove these voters from the rolls. Facts are stubborn things and although they can be ignored for long periods of time they are still facts. I am not predicting that California will become a Red State, but it may become a lot more color blind.


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