Donald Trump made a very interesting tweet that borders on brilliant:

Have the Democrats finally realized that we desperately need Border Security and a Wall on the Southern Border? Need to stop Drugs, Human Trafficking,Gang Members & Criminals from coming into our Country. Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?

I have frequently remarked that the famous Trump tweets are not actually written by a bitter and angry old man sitting in his underwear in the oval office. Trump actually has a team of people who “help” him with his tweets. While his tweets occasionally wander off course, they are actually the result of a well-choreographed media campaign. They definitely drive liberals insane, but if you look at them, they are the polar opposite of being spontaneous and unfocused. Trump, the master performer, knows his audience.

Trump is spot on in his observation that most people not being paid by the partial government shutdown are Democrats. A lot of these people are part of the entrenched bureaucracy who have been in place for years. They consider any President to be the temporary occupant of the White House. The real power lies with them, the unelected and unmovable mass of bureaucratic employees who really don’t pay much attention to elections. But there is a reason they are considered non-essential employees. The world will continue, relatively unscathed, whether they draw a paycheck or not.

Oh, shutting down the government will result in a lot of stink and steam, but most of the people affected will be those drawing a paycheck from the federal government. The rest of us will quickly understand why non-essential really does mean “non-essential.” There is a real risk that if the shutdown lingers for too long that a lot of people will start asking a very obvious question. “Why are we paying all this money for people we don’t actually need?”

The main stream media, totally dominated by the Democratic Party, will spin this as an unprecedented disaster. They will focus entirely on a couple of antidotal cases intended to tug at our heart strings by showcasing the inhumanity of it all. This is similar to the current attempts to represent all illegal immigrants and people banned from countries that harbor terrorists as wonderful people we all want living next door. The reality is that while some of them are like this, there are also others like this animal that shot a police officer in Newman, CA.  There is an old saying that one should avoid throwing out the baby with the bath water, but they leave out an important part of that quote. No one benefits by keeping the old bath water.

The result is that while Nancy Pelosi is relaxing in Hawaii, Trump is holed up in the White House looking like the only adult left in Washington, D.C. At some point, this will become so obvious that even the Kool-Aid drinking progressives just elected to congress will figure it out. In spite of the rhetoric, Trump is spot on in his analysis. If we don’t stop people from flooding in over our southern border, we are going to have enormous problems that cannot and will not be ignored. In addition, if we allow non-essential people to stay home, we are likely to learn that they really are non-essential.

This reminds me of an employee who was habitually late to work. I finally met with her and gave her a final written notice saying that if she was late again, she would be fired. She came in to see me the next day and asked for a raise. Apparently, she though she needed more compensation for not doing her job. It was a very short meeting and I wished her well in her next employment adventure.

Sometimes, when people take their ball and go home, we learn that we didn’t actually need their ball anyway.


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