About five minutes after I arrived in Pleiku, Vietnam I learned the extreme importance of understanding one word: “incoming.” At the time, Pleiku AB was the subject of frequent enemy assaults, usually by mortars or rockets. At the same time, there were Army artillery units near the base that frequently fired rounds at the enemy. When those artillery units were in action the sound was incredible, but it was not a threat to us. The mortar and/or rockets launched against us however were very much a threat. Everyone soon became extremely skilled at telling the difference. When someone yelled “incoming,” that meant it was time to take cover.

This actually reminded me of a very funny story, shortly before I left Vietnam. My squadron had redeployed from Pleiku AB to DaNang  AB. I had about a week left before my tour was done. I was walking through the compound with a new Vietnamese linguist, straight out of language school. We passed a couple of the local mama sans and, as normal, we had a brief chat. Since they did not speak English, the conversation was obviously in Vietnamese. After they left, this new linguist looked at me and said: “was that Vietnamese?” Since he was a graduate of the Defense Language Institute with a degree in Vietnamese, I found this both astonishing and hysterical. But then I realized that I would have been just as bad when I first arrived overseas. I explained that although they were speaking Vietnamese, they were speaking slang with the central dialect which is very distinct from the North Vietnamese he had learned in language school. To put this in perspective imagine someone who was raised in London and taught British English being dropped off in a remote part of Louisiana. Yes, they still speak English, but this is not exactly the same language spoken in professional circles in London.

The second thing that happened while we were walking along is that DaNang was attacked with rockets. I was used to this, because it happened all the time. When I heard the first rocket coming, I realized two things. One was that it was headed over us, closer to the flight line. The second was that there were likely to be more rockets so taking shelter was a really good idea. So, I shouted “incoming” and dove into a little pothole bunker that was located near the path. I looked up and there was this guy, standing in the path, looking down at me like I was from another planet with eyes the size of 50 cent pieces. I quickly told him that we were being attacked by rockets and he might want to seriously consider joining me in that bunker.  By the end of that day he had learned the significance of “incoming” and the need to act.

There are lot of people united in their lust to destroy Donald Trump who are about to learn the meaning of “incoming.” Up until now, it sure looked like all of the legal artillery was being fired at Donald Trump by those determined to destroy him. That has changed. It is increasingly obvious that a lot of “incoming” is headed their way.  Most of us know that Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI. It is increasingly apparent that he may have been entrapped by unscrupulous FBI agents with a secret agenda. The following article from the Conservative Tree House explains:


I don’t always agree with the opinions expressed on this website, but so far, the facts presented are always very accurate. In this case it turns out that Judge Emmet Sullivan has demanded some critical documents from the FBI, specifically the FD-302 interview forms which resulted in the guilty plea by Flynn. The only accurate word to describe this action is “incoming.” It is really important to understand that Judge Emmet Smith is the same judge who had prosecutors investigated for criminal actions regarding the improper prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens. This was so bad that ultimately Eric Holder personally apologized for the actions by the Federal prosecutors involved and asked the court to overturn the conviction of Ted Stevens. Sadly, this happened after he was humiliated, lost his Senate seat and was killed in a plane crash.

One should note the similarities here. The same judge, Smith, demanded the government hand over actual documents leading to the prosecution of Stevens. Once he saw those documents, he was outraged. This sure looks like history repeating itself. Soon and very soon we may see that that the people prosecuting Michael Flynn in more legal jeopardy than Flynn himself. But in this case the impact could be far more serious because of who was involved. We are talking about Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissman. In addition, the Director of the FBI during the botched prosecution of Ted Stevens was, gasp, Robert Mueller.  This has the potential to discredit the entire Mueller investigation. Like I said: “incoming.


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  1. From the linked article, isn’t the lack of a Miranda rights statement by the FBI to Flynn makes the information they received inadmissible to their investigation? Snakes all.

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