The DOJ continues to request that the justification for the raid on a whistleblower remain secret. A copy of the actual letter is available on the link below:

The Daily Caller requested that the Court unseal search warrant material. The reason the DOJ gave for denying this request is as following:

“The request should be denied. Public disclosure of any search warrant materials would seriously jeopardize the integrity of the ongoing investigation. Continued sealing is essential in order to guard against possible tampering of witnesses and destruction of evidence, to maintain the ability of the grand jury to investigate this matter, and to prevent the disclosure of sensitive investigative techniques and methods.

“These warrant materials reveal investigative sources, factual assumptions, and legal theories as well as evidence that has been gathered, including through sensitive investigative methods. Facts set fourth in these warrant materials reveal what has been searched and indicate what has not yet been searched.”

There clearly has been an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, that continues to this day. The real question is regarding other potential targets of the investigation. On page three this letter provides an important hint:

The identity of unnamed subjects not yet charged would be revealed: there may be mistaken notions concerning who may be subjects.” “unsealing would reveal the scope of the government’s case and could lead to destruction of evidence and witness tampering.”

It is important to review the appointment of John Huber:

Sessions said that the appointment of Huber was sufficient to address the concerns raised by GOP lawmakers. Those concerns were to have the DOJ investigate putative wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation as well as the 2010 sale of Uranium One. They also demanded a probe into how the Obama DOJ handled the investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email server. In addition, there was demand for a probe into allegations of surveillance abuse raised by Devin Nunes. It is reported that Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, is investigating all of this and is working in cooperation with Huber. Huber provided Sessions with regular updates about his work.

If Huber is doing exactly what Sessions asked him to do, then a lot of people, including former members of the DOJ and the FBI may be in for a very turbulent winter.


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