On May 31, 1871, Mary Amelia Tweed and Ambrose MaGinnis were married. A lavish wedding was put on by William ‘Boss’ Tweed. A contemporary newspaper described this as follows:

“THE WEDDING PRESENTS, which were displayed in one of the upper rooms, must have amounted to the value of over $700,000 and presented an appearance of brilliancy which can never have been equaled in munificence even in this Empire City.  They comprised all sorts of jewelry with diamonds enough to stock half a dozen stores; silver sets in profusion and almost everything that the ingenuity of the human mind could suggest in the line of presents.”

Everyone knew that Tweed was hopelessly corrupt. He, like the Clintons, seemed to always get away with it. But in reality the end was right about the corner. In early winter 1871 there was a sleigh accident where a man named James Watson was kicked in the head by a horse and killed. Watson was the county auditor and also the paymaster for Boss Tweed. He was replaced by James O’Rourke who just happened to be an informant for Sherriff O’Brien. O’Rourke managed to get his hands on the Tammany hall accounting records. These proved to be impossible to ignore. The New York Times starting publishing these documents in July 1871 and by the end of the year Tween had been indicted. He would die alone and disgraced in prison.

The Clintons may be on the verge of the same type of meltdown. It turns out that John Huber, that mysterious investigator appointed by Jeff Sessions has been investigating the Clinton Foundation since last year. Nothing has leaked about this until recently. Now there are reports of secret grand jury indictments and at least three whistle blowers have provided mountains of documents. One of them appears to be Andrew Kessel who was CFO of the Clinton foundation. If that is true then the Clintons could be in serious legal jeopardy.

Mueller refered an investigation of Tony Podesta and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Graig to Justice Department prosecutors in New York. That appears to be heating up rapidly.

Perhaps while Mueller himself has not been investigating Clinton, he just may have been providing information to other people, like John Huber, who were doing exactly that. Remember that every senior member of the FBI who was out to get Trump is gone. Is that a coincidence? Just today James Comey refused to answer questions about the FISA warrant that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. A lot of people on both sides of the aisle assumed this is more of the FBI covering up its own errors. But, what if the FBI lawyers are telling the truth about refusing to answer questions because of an ongoing investigation. Remember that Trump ordered those documents to be declassified and he was talked out of it by Rosenstein. Maybe we are closer to learning the real reason for that. Once again the real question is: “who is investigating whom?”

We may know sooner rather than later. The House Oversight committee has a meeting scheduled with John Huber next week. It is quite possible that the Clintons will be wearing a lot of Tweed for Christmas.


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