The funeral service for George H.W. Bush was amazing. One could not help but contrast this with the media coverage of this man during the 1992 election. If the public had been told the truth about Bush and Clinton, there is zero chance Clinton would have been elected. The result was that we replaced one of the most competent men ever elected to be President of the United States with, well, Bill Clinton.

It was also very classy of the Bush family to avoid turning this into a trash Trump moment. What a remarkable contrast with the McCain funeral. This was a stark reminder of the contrast between class and crass. The eulogies by John Meacham, Brian Mulroney, Alan K. Simpson and George W. Bush were incredible.

There was also the remarkable public hostility of Hillary Clinton toward Donald Trump. At least the Obama’s showed some class. The Clinton’s showed none. Neither did the usual suspects in the main stream media. They can never resist a chance to trash Trump. Political wrote an article contrasting George H.W. Bush, war hero, with Donald Trump who got draft deferments.

Here is what Politico wrote:

But at times, George W. Bush’s remembrance of his father served as a reminder of his family’s political rival: President Donald Trump. George W. Bush said his father valued character (Trump prefers to elevate people who look the part), taught his children the importance of service (Trump received four medical deferments for bone spurs in his heel and never served in public office until becoming President) and the value of faith and family (Trump has been accused of multiple extramarital affairs).

This is, of course, absurd. Where on earth did they get the line: “Trump prefers to elevate people who look the part?” Actually Trump is famous for firing people who don’t measure up. He is clearly far more focused on results than physical appearance.

Granted Donald Trump, like most other rich college kids at the time, avoided getting drafted during the Vietnam War. If that is the standard, half of congress would not quality. But this is especially absurd because George H. W. Bush was replaced by Bill Clinton, a draft dodger who signed up for reserve duty and then refused even do that when he drew a high lottery number. Trump replaced Barack Obama who had never bothered to sign up for selective service.

With regard to the slam for alleged multiple extramarital affairs, has anyone compared Trump with LBJ, JFK, RFK and the man who set the standard, Bill Clinton. Compared to these guys, Trump looks like an amateur. Yes, Donald Trump was a serial sexual philanderer, but we already knew that. Bill Clinton was literally accused of rape and he didn’t pay his women off, he had Hillary manage a war room designed to suppress bimbo eruptions.

I sure hope the American people who watched this noticed the contrast between the classiness of the event and the pathetic coverage by a self-righteous main stream media so filled with bitterness and hatred that they can’t even spell class.

When the main stream media expresses a longing for a more civil discourse they should be directed to Home Depot where there are plenty of very nice mirrors on sale.


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