The midterm election has changed everything. Donald Trump has clearly had it with the Mueller investigation and with the unrelenting full-out attack on his Presidency by the liberal left and the main stream media. There are numerous signs he is no longer going to play the game.

Trump came into office with numerous advisers left over from both the Obama and the Bush administrations. These advisers all told him to play nice and avoid confrontation. They warned him against alienating people by being overly aggressive. Trump listened to them, some of the time, with disastrous results. It is increasingly obvious that the liberal left is only interested in destroying Trump and regaining power. They literally do not care who is hurt in the process.

Trump is no saint, but he does appear to love this country and he has now identified those he considers to be enemies. He has also figured out that if he does not destroy his enemies they will continue working to destroy him. In many ways this is a repeat of the day of reckoning for George W. Bush regarding Muslim extremists, when he realized that even though we weren’t at war with them, they were at war with us.

RINO Republicans are famous for suggesting that the best move is to just turn the other cheek and avoid fighting back. George W. Bush literally allowed the main stream media to accuse him of lying about the WMD in Iraq, when it was well documented that he did not do that. Bush clearly believed that the higher moral ground was attained by not fighting back. As a result, Republicans lost both the House and the Senate and paved the way for President Barack Hussein Obama.

When Trump came into office it was obvious that Hillary Clinton was guilty of gross negligence regarding the sending and receiving of classified documents on an unsecured server. He knew the Clinton Foundation was a gigantic scam. He learned that James Comey was lying to him and that people within the FBI were literally working to remove him from office. He became aware that President Obama authorized intelligence agencies to illegally spy on the Trump campaign. He was convinced to not only ignore all this, but to allow the Mueller investigation to continue full speed ahead with no oversight.  He was told that if he fought back, Democrats would investigate him and try to impeach him.

Well guess what, it didn’t matter what Trump did, Democrats are determined to investigate Trump until the end of time praying for a smoking gun that will justify impeachment. That was bad enough, but then, in a desperate attempt to prevent Trump from appointing a conservative to the Supreme Court, Democrats resorted to a new low by promoting obviously false sexual assault charges against Brett Kavanaugh with absolutely zero corroborating evidence. If anyone needed more proof of the depravity of the liberal left, the Kavanaugh hearings removed the last shred of doubt.

I expect Trump to go to war with his opponents. John Huber has already been investigating someone. Trump may even ask for a special prosecutor to investigate the FBI, the DOJ, Hillary Clinton, and the intelligence agencies. He no longer need worry about Democrats investigating him, they have done that and have come up with less than nothing. He has nothing to fear from them, they should be terrified of him. The biggest problem is that all of the above did commit crimes and unlike the accusations against Trump, there are facts available to justify indictments. The only thing lacking was the political will to take on this battle. There are increasing signs that both Donald Trump and Republicans in the U.S. Senate are ready to take this on. The Kavanaugh hearings even “woke” Lindsey Graham.

Democrats are about to learn something very important. The DOJ, FBI and all our intelligence agencies report to Donald Trump. He has the power to investigate them; they do not have the power to investigate him. CNN and the rest of the main stream media can continue to howl at the moon, but that doesn’t mean the moon has to listen.

In addition, Trump can declassify documents. Yesterday he threatened Democrats that if they continue this charade he is going to declassify documents that will be devastating for Democrats. They would be wise to believe him.

Trump’s attorneys had a joint defense agreement with Paul Manafort and Jerome Corsi. That means when Mueller talked to them, their attorneys talked to Trump’s attorneys. Mueller just learned about this and it has clearly rattled his cage. Unlike the MSM, Trump knows exactly what Mueller is after. Right now it looks like Mueller is focused on that weird meeting in the Trump Tower with Donald Trump, Jr. and some silly female Russian attorney promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. If Mueller is focusing on that, it is because he has absolutely nothing else.

Michael Cohen just plead guilty to lying to congress. He says he lied about discussions regarding a Trump hotel in Moscow. Who cares? He also claims that he had told Trump about the bizarre Trump Tower meeting. Apparently the argument is that: “You must believe me now because I was lying before.”  Good luck with that.

Democrats may have made the same mistake as Japan prior to World War II. They have aroused a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. The results are likely to be similar.


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