There is a bombshell report from the University of Basel in Switzerland.

Using samples from five million animals including humans, they were able to deduce humans sprang from a single pair of adults following a catastrophic event that wiped out humanity.

It’s not just humans either – nine out of every 10 animal species went through the same.

One will note that the people who did this study did not expect or want this result.

Some, including the author of this article, are viewing this as proof that the biblical account of Adam & Eve is confirmed. That is not quite the case, but it does make that account more consistent with scientific facts. What is really does is destroy the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution is that everything started when some amino acids accidently bumped uglies. This started a chain of mathematically impossible miracles eventually resulting in the world we see today and this strange creature we call humans. This study shows that while a lot of animals have adapted and become quite different from the original, they have NEVER evolved into a different species.

The whole point of the theory of evolution was to come up with “some” explanation that does not require a creator.  Since day one scientists have been desperately searching for the “missing link.” This is the coveted creature proving that humans evolved from apes. Now we know why they have never found a missing link and why they never will find a missing link. If every human came from the same two people, there can be no missing link.

Expect the liberal left to first suppress this report and then try and discount it. They are certain to ignore the significance of these findings. But they have a problem. Nearly every child attending public school in America, since the Scopes trial, has been confronted with school books and teachers promoting the theory of evolution. Anyone who dares question the theory of evolution is dismissed as being ignorant and afraid of science. This is why Republican candidates for President were scornfully asked if they believed in the theory of evolution with the assumption that anyone naïve enough to say no was too stupid to be President of the United States. But most people still don’t buy the theory of evolution. According to a survey by Pew research in 2009, only 32%, of adults believe in evolution due to natural processes, although 87% of Scientists believe this.

There is a reason for this. People were born with eyes and what is obviously true, is obviously true. We have seen apes and we have seen humans and they are very different. We have also noticed that there are dogs and cats.  Earth to scientists, try breeding a dog and a cat. Be sure to stock up on bite proof gloves and don’t expect any offspring. You could breed a husky and a poodle but try breeding a pit bull and a bob cat.

So, the question is why do 87% or 97% of scientists still believe in evolution. The answer quite simply is that if the theory of evolution is not true, there has to be a creation. If there is a creation, there has to be a creator. They know they are too smart to believe in god, so they choose to believe in the “pitbob,” the mythical offspring of a pit bull and a bob cat, too absorbed in their self-righteous arrogance to realize this is really stupid.


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