One of my favorite scenes from Gomer Pyle was when Gomer and Sergeant Carter were confronted with a ticking time bomb. The decision was clear. They had to cut either the red wire or the white wire. If they cut the wrong wire, the bomb would immediately explode. If they cut the right wire, the bomb would be defused. Sergeant Carter asked Gomer which wire he would cut. Gomer said the white wire. Sergeant Carter immediately cut the red wire, defusing the bomb. Gomer asked Sergeant Carter why he bother asking him his opinion if he was going to ignore it. Sergeant Carter said: “because the only certain thing was that you would be wrong.”

That is exactly the way I feel about the global warming alarmists. The only thing certain is that they are wrong. NONE of their pevious predictions have been accurate. Mostly of them have been absurdly wrong. These were the same people who convinced Al Gore that the arctic ocean would be completely ice free. He did this several times, in 2007, 2008, and 2009. First this would happen by 2013 but was delayed when the arctic ice inconveniently expanded by 50% over 2012 levels.  Nailed that one Al. So, Al kept making the same predictions, for 2014 and 2016 with the same results.

In case any of you wonder about whether Snopes is credible, here is the result of the Snopes fact check:

Gore did not himself make these predictions but said (in some cases erroneously) that others had; Gore never referred to a year-long lack of ice for both poles, but instead largely referenced Arctic sea ice in the summer.

Then Snopes went on to prove that this is exactly what Gore said.

Now a Government report warns of worsening U.S. disasters. This report was written over several years, so it was heavily influenced by Obama era scientists. These were people who received millions if not billions in funding if they found global warming and were ridiculed if they didn’t

The main stream media promoted this as straight from the lips of God:

The media ignored the fact that 25 NASA scientists questioned the sanity of Global Warmists back in January.

If this had been a video by Michael Avenatti criticizing Donald Trump’s treatment of porn stars, you would have all seen this. Since it criticized the conventional non-wisdom, odds are none of you were even aware of this.

Here’s the good news. This report is nonsense. Yes, the weather will change and there will be hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, floods and fire. There will be times when it will be very hot and times when it will be very cold. This is easy to predict, because it has been going on for thousands of years. We can also predict that none of the very specific and idiotic predictions made by this report will be close to true. Like Sergeant Carter, we may not be able to find reality, but it is very easy to identify who is and will be consistently wrong.


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