I wrote previously that this was probably the last chance for Democrats to steal a major election.  In spite of the numerous reports in the main stream media that there is zero evidence of election fraud, we are surrounded by such evidence. Every Orange County Republican was ahead on election night and every one of them lost with late arriving provisional ballots.  Coincidence?  I saw a recent report that last year 449,000 people on the voter registration rolls in California refused to accept jury duty on the basis that they were not actually U.S. citizens. I have not been able to verify this, but it seems accurate. Only a naïve fool or someone who wants non-residents to vote would believe there is no voter fraud in California.

A study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3% of 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.  This is more than enough to be the deciding factor in a close election.

California grudgingly passed new voter registration laws in October 2015. This will be fully implemented by October 2020. This reform is the direct result of a federal law passed in 2005 designed to combat terrorism. If you do not have a real ID, proving citizenship, you will no longer be able to board an aircraft or enter any military or federal facility after October 1, 2020.

California Driver’s licenses did not require any proof of citizenship, so they are not considered to be “real id”. Everyone in California has to get a new license. They get a choice between a real ID, which is only obtained after proving citizenship, or a standard license, which cannot be used to register to vote.

When a real ID is issued the information is sent to the Secretary of State electronically which is then required to verify citizenship and to update the voter registration records. Previously California refused to cooperate with the federal government regarding voter registration. But with this law, the California Secretary of State is REQUIRED to confirm citizenship, on a federal database,in order for a California Driver’s license to qualify as a real ID. These means the federal government now has access to real data.

Do not underestimate the significance of this. There is a reason there is a Republican Governor in Georgia and a Republican Governor and Senator in Florida. That is because both states passed voter registration reform. Once again Democrats were poised to steal an election, but voter registration reform stopped them. In California, the difference is likely to be far more significant. We have a lot of non-citizens here, we currently don’t check ids at all and we don’t appear to make any effort to verify who actually voted.

Los Angeles prosecutors just indicted several people for exactly this kind of voter fraud:

The crude exchange played out hundreds of times on L.A.’s skid row during the 2016 election cycle and again this year, prosecutors said Tuesday as they announced criminal charges against nine people accused in a fraud scheme.

Using cash and cigarettes as lures, the defendants approached homeless people on skid row and asked them to forge signatures on state ballot measure petitions and voter registration forms, the district attorney’s office said. The defendants — some of whom were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday — face several criminal charges, including circulating a petition with fake names, voter fraud and registering a fictitious person.

The Los Angeles Times was either unable to determine which party benefited from this scam or they just forgot to tell us. Anyone want to make a guess?

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have banned per-signature payment for those collecting petition signatures, claiming the law might allow ballot control by “the weathiest interests.” Apparently only poor people can afford to pay someone to collect signatures. This is beyond absurd.

But it is also over. While California would definitely like to leave the U.S., except for the money thing, California NEEDS the federal government. Although they will never admit it, California also needs the Federal Government to control our border. If you doubt that, just let Trump declare a two week holiday for ICE and the Border patrol and watch what happens. That is why both Newsom and Brown were groveling for assistance from President Trump. It is why California is, reluctantly, verifying voter records and even more reluctantly, requiring people to prove citizenship to get a “real id” driver’s license. This is also why the political landscape in this state may change faster than anyone can imagine.

Combine this with the Supreme Court decision preventing public sector unions from forcing people to join the union and pay dues and a perfect political storm is on the horizon. This just may be the last year where public sector unions had big bucks to spend on elections.

Although California still looks pretty insane, the smoke is starting to clear and there are actually some pretty good reasons to give thanks.


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