Donald Trump visited the devastation in Paradise California, along with Governor Brown and Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom. Several things are very obvious.

Donald Trump did not resemble the mythical uncaring monster described on a nightly basis by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the main stream media.

He looked very professional and in control. He was the one showing real leadership.

He also showed a lot warmth toward both Newsom and Brown, even though both have made a career our of demonizing him. The same people who had slammed him on a daily basis and who promised to resist his administration at every opportunity, stood there with their tail between their legs practically begging Trump for help. Brown, who has been blaming everything on global warming, admitted we must now consider everything and let science decide. He also admitted that Trump was very realistic about all of this.

Trump made both of them look small by comparison. It was clear who was in charge, who was the one with solutions and who looked way out of their class. He literally killed them with kindness.

The MSM will try to find a way to spin this negatively toward Trump. They can’t help themselves. But they can’t change the picture of Trump standing between Brown and Newsome and towering over both of them in every way possible.

Then there was the pathetic photo op appearance by Senator Kamala Harris. She obviously wasn’t invited to the prior meeting by either Trump, Brown or Newsom. Odds are Brown and Newsom know Kamala Harris cannot be the face of California when asking for assistance from Trump. No one from the press was invited to tour with Harris and the only press coverage was from a video released by her staff.

Kamala Harris can do a great service to California by just shutting up. She has been caught telling flagrant lies about this administration on a regular basis. We can be sure that a phone call from her office to the White House is not going to receive much attention and the attention it does receive will be mostly negative.

California desperately needs the help of the federal government it has tried to obstruct on a nearly daily basis. Earth to idiots. Suing the federal government while arrogantly demanding desperately needed assistance is insanely stupid. Fortunately, Donald Trump showed who is the bigger man, willing to put doing the right thing above partisan politics.

As for the rest of us who live in the state, it was hard not to embarrassed by the caliber of people we have stupidly put in charge. But, at least the weather’s great, when not obscured by smoke from wildfires.

One final thought. Gavin Newsom was married to Kimberly Guilfoyle. That would be the same Kimberly Guilfoyle now “dating” Donald Trump, Jr. Odds are very high that there is a direct back channel of communication between the Trump White House and Gavin Newsom.  Don’t be sure that Newsom will follow in the steps of Governor Brown in suing the federal government at every opportunity. He has a decision to make,. Does he want to be a successful Governor or does he want to continue a war with Donald Trump that he cannot possibly win.


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