One of our favorite TV series was Foyles War. It was about a Detective in Great Britain during WWII. Now we have Donald Trump at war with his foils in the MSM. I thinks “Foils War” is a pretty good name for this. Trump has clearly decided that enough is enough. Once the mid-term elections were safely behind him, he decided to directly challenge those who are out to resist his presidency. It is hard to blame him for fighting back against those determined to prevent him from governing.

At best, the Democrats can do nothing to Trump during the remainder of his first term. It will take that long to even get a subpoena processed. Mueller is going to wrap up his probe and it won’t even mention Trump or collusion with Russia. A couple of people will be charged with lying to the FBI, but that is all Mueller has after all this time.

If the Democrats launch impeachment proceedings on January 2, they still won’t have enough time to get this done before 2020. Even if Democrats manage to win back the Senate, with more last minute miraculous votes from Democratic strong holds, they can’t convict Trump because they still need 67 votes. Corker and Flake have retired and McCain is dead. The odds of enough Republicans joining with Democrats to remove Trump are less than zero. It would certainly take a lot more than the worst allegations currently floated by the liberal left.

CNN played into Trump’s hand with this silly lawsuit trying to get Jim Acosta back on the air. The lawsuit is extremely sloppy and it grossly misrepresents the facts. If anything it gives Trump cover for refusing to give Costa his credentials back until the lawsuit is resolved and that could easily take months. Even if some judge rules against Trump, which is quite possible, the administration will just appeal. CNN and Acosta would be very wise to consider a large dose of humble pie.

Republicans who embraced Trump, won. Those who distanced themselves, like Martha McSally, lost. Democrats not only failed to stop Kavanaugh, they made it impossible to ignore the reality that Democrats have zero interest in the constitution or the rule of law. When Lindsey Graham said they were only interested in regaining power and that he prayed to God they never got it, he spoke for a lot of people. When Hillary said Democrats can only be civil if they win, she was accidentally speaking the truth. If Democrats use their newly regained leadership in the House to only investigate Trump, they will pay a terrible price in 2020. But if they don’t attack Trump, they will also pay a terrible price in 2020. They have simply made promises they cannot possibly keep.

There is an old saying, if you take a shot at a King, don’t miss. The liberal left took their best shot at Donald Trump and they missed by a mile. This should concern us all, because like any other President, Trump has tremendous power that can be abused. So far, he has not asked the FBI, or the IRS or the CIA to target political opponents. Instead he has fought back with public statements and twitter. We should be grateful for that, because the alternative is that he follow Obama’s example of rampant abuse of power. Just because the MSM ignored the abuse of power by Obama does not make it any more acceptable or less dangerous.


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