The real question to be answered today is whether or not the American people are terminally stupid. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter who controls the House, Trump will still be President and Republicans are almost certain to control the Senate. What matters is whether or not a lot of cash poured by fat cat Democrats can persuade people to vote for fatally flawed candidates. Here are just some of the examples.


Will the voters in Florida elect a candidate for governor literally under investigation by the FBI for corruption?


Will the voters in New Jersey hold their nose and vote for Robert Menendez who is so crooked that when he dies they will have to screw him into the ground?


Will the voters in Arizona vote for a Senator who is literally on record bad mouthing the state, telling people it’s ok to fight for the Taliban and who has run a train wreck of a campaign?


Will the voters in Georgia vote for Stacey Abrams, a hard core left wing liberal with tons of baggage?


Will the voters in Texas vote for an Irishman with a Hispanic nickname who promises to take away their guns?

Incredibly, all of this seems quite possible. Hopefully the polls are wrong and these people are easily defeated. It is absolutely frightening to consider the next round of candidates put forth by Democrats if these clowns win. No one, in either party, should consider any of these candidates as remotely acceptable. Granted, Democrats would vote for Adolph Hitler in drag, but Democrats alone cannot elect anyone.


California may get weird, because of self-inflicted wounds by Democrats. Gavin Newsome is so sure he will win that he has barely campaigned at all. The same is true for Ami Bera here in the 7th District. The choice for Senate is between two Liberal Democrats and the choice for Lieutenant Governor is also between two liberal Democrats. The only statewide race getting a lot of attention is Superintendent of Public Instruction and that is unlikely to generate much enthusiasm in either party.

That means it will be the local elections that generate turnout. The only statewide measure likely to generate enthusiasm is Prop 6, the repeal of the gas tax.

The point is that if I were a Democrat, I am not sure I would bother to vote. Even if you are motivated to vote against Trump, that is unlikely to affect you unless you live in a district with a vulnerable Republican congressional representative up for re-election. Republicans, on the other hand, are likely to show up in droves both to vote against Prop 6 and to keep those Republicans in office.

When you combine this with Sacramento making it so difficult to vote, well this could get weird. That is not a prediction, just an observation. Only a die-hard optimist would ever predict anything other than Democrats running the table in California, again.

One very safe prediction. At the start of the night, the networks will focus on races where it looks like a blue wave is developing and downplay races where the Republicans are winning. All Republican wins will be portrayed as “expected” while the Democratic wins will be considered evidence of the coveted blue wave. This is because the networks have a long history of doing this in an attempt to depress Republican turnout in Western States. During the 2000 election, networks were declaring Al Gore the winner most of the evening. There were numerous reports of people in western states, waiting in line to vote, getting disgusted and turning around to go home. It was only later that the MSM reversed that call and admitted it was George W. Bush, not Al Gore who won that election.

Watch for weird.


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