I still remember watching TV on election night in 2012 and seeing all the reports that Barack Obama had been re-elected. I had great fear for our country. Not because I hated Barack Obama, but rather because I feared living in a democracy where so many people were willing to vote against their own interest. It should have been obvious to people in both parties that Obama was a failed president. It should have been obvious that his foreign policy was a disaster and the economy was stuck in a stalemate. It obviously wasn’t obvious. But remember that Obama beat John McCain and Mitt Romney. Anyone losing sleep because these guys didn’t become President? Exactly!

Then, in 2016, the country looked ready to double down on disaster. It is hard to imagine a worse choice for President than Hillary Clinton. If she had won, it would have been the most corrupt administration in American history. I watched election night hoping all the pundits were wrong. No one, including anyone on Fox News, thought Donald Trump had any chance at winning that election. But he did win, and ultimately it wasn’t even close. Hillary conceded about 2:30 a.m. ET. There are numerous reports that Hillary was so sure of election that her transition team was scheduled to meet Wednesday morning and she was planning on flying to Washington D.C. to meet with President Obama.

Once again, all the pundits, including those on Fox News, are predicting that Democrats will win the House while Republicans will, narrowly, retain the Senate. Once again, we are looking at the genuine possibility of Nancy Pelosi carrying a huge gavel as she becomes the new Speaker of the House. It is even more disturbing to imagine Maxine Waters as Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services.

But it is important to remember that all the pundits were wrong in 2016. The liberal left was reporting what they wanted to believe. Fox News was terrified of getting this wrong, so they went with the flow. They were all wrong by a huge margin. The problem is that they ignored critical facts and formed opinions based on false assumptions. It is quite possible, if not probable, that they are repeating those errors.

The most fundamental opinion is that the hatred of Donald Trump is so strong that it will compel outraged Democrats to show up in force. It is assumed that Hispanics and African Americans have been thoroughly disgusted with the numerous racist actions of Donald Trump. Once again, the polls all show momentum swinging toward Democrats. But that is what they showed in 2016 too. The only thing certain is that the polls are increasingly wrong in predicting election results.

There are some facts, well documented but ignored by the MSM and widely under-reported that should give everyone pause. In early voting, it is Republicans turning out in record numbers. For example: early voting in Florida shows Republicans turning out at a pace higher than in 2016. Even in California, early voting is showing a surge in Republican turnout. The same polls showing Democrats winning, are showing surprising support for Donald Trump among both the Hispanic and the African American communities. No one dares report that, because the leaders of those communities are all hard-core left-wing liberals who would not tolerate even a hint of this. If you doubt that, remember what happened to Kanye West.

Another thing the MSM is missing is the really awful Democratic candidates. Many of them are outright socialists totally out of the mainstream. Republicans will definitely be motivated to vote against them. Democrats, having voted for Hillary Clinton, would vote for a ham sandwich as a candidate. But independents are not necessarily going to show up in force to vote for these highly flawed people.

The bottom line is it would be insane to predict a red wave and Republican victories across the board. But it would also be insane to predict that Democrats run the table. We will know pretty soon on Tuesday night. If Republicans win the Governorship and the Senate race in Florida, then Democrats will be in for a very long night. If Manchin is defeated in West Virginia, it will be Republicans running the table.

No prediction, just a recommendation that none of us lose hope based on the flawed opinions of people who are consistently wrong about nearly everything. Always remember they report what they want to believe and are often oblivious to facts staring them right in the face.


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