The MSM responded to Trump’s call for unity by blaming everything on him. They never considered playing this straight. Politicians in both parties like to play the blame game. But for decades, Democrats have excelled at this primarily because the MSM almost always backs the Democratic play. The following article by Maureen Dowd is a classic example of how oblivious some people in the MSM are to reality:

Donald Trump has important characteristics that Republicans have desperately needed for decades. Trump doesn’t back down from a fight. That is particularly true when attacked in the media. Trump always fights back with insult for insult. Trump also has incredible skill at reading the public pulse. He is hardly a blue-collar person, but he likes blue collar people and he understands them.

Predictably the media instantly tried to blame Trump for the nut job who sent all those plastic pipe bombs to top Democrats. They also tried to blame him for the massacre at the Jewish Synagogue. They did this even though the mad man who shot up that synagogue was on record as hating Trump because he was too nice to Israel. The media will ALWAYS blame Republicans and Donald Trump is always at the top of the naughty Republican list. They routinely lecture us about the need for civility and the evil of hate speech by pointing out that Republicans and Republicans alone are responsible for this. Hillary Clinton accidentally admitted this when she said that civil discourse could only return if Democrats were returned to power.

This time, it was an enormous mistake. If they were dealing with a George W. Bush or a Mitt Romney, they would have got the properly apologetic Republican politician. But Donald Trump is far from typical and he is never intimidated by the MSM. He gave an eloquent statement on the need to punish people who did this, then he responded to the media by pointing out, correctly, that they are the ones ginning up hatred with their patently biased reporting. The real problem for the liberal left is that this is so obviously true.

Donald Trump never put down Obama supporters or Hillary Clinton supporters. Instead he appealed to them by pointing out that nothing ever changes for them and they might consider giving him a chance. Obama described anyone opposed to him as “clinging to their guns and religion” and Hillary referred to them as a “basket of deplorables.”

When Trump talked about banning immigration from Muslim countries where it was impossible to do background checks, he was considered to be anti-Muslim. When Obama rigged the immigration system to allow only Muslims and no Christians to immigrate, even though Christians were literally being exterminated, no one in the MSM noticed or cared. Instead they were horrified at the thought of giving people asylum based on their religion, even if their religion made them targets of persecution and extinction. Apparently, it is ok to exterminate people if they are all Christians. We were self-righteously told that any religious test was wrong. No one explained why giving Jewish people trying to flee Hitler a higher priority would have been so evil.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect that Donald Trump is way ahead of the crowd on this and Democrats, as always, are out over their skis. If he is right, that blue wave may just disappear in a massive red tide of people sick and tired of being lectured, over and over again, by the arrogant self-righteous politically correct elites.


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