We have the suspect. Expect the entire MSM to try and spin this in the most negative way possible regarding Donald Trump. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who have already made incredibly stupid statements, are likely to come out with something even stronger. This is the Achilles heel of the liberal left. They simply cannot understand the obvious. They don’t even see the obvious.  While they will be pointing a finger at Trump, they will be pointing four fingers at themselves.

This guy’s van is covered with pictures of Donald Trump. It is also covered with stickers supporting youth soccer. The van was so weird that someone took a picture of it, in December 2017. This guy was well known to local police because he has a long record. The real question is was this guy outraged by Donald Trump or by the people attacking Donald Trump. That is where he got his target list.

This is easy to explain. Just think about Charlottesville. The violence occurred because protesters demanding removal of confederate statutes got into a fight with a White Supremacist group. The people most responsible for the chaos were the civic leaders who allowed the two groups, possibly deliberately, to get in direct contact with each other. There would have been zero violence if the groups had been kept apart. Yes the White Supremacists are awful. Yes, they did come there spoiling for a fight. But they didn’t attack anyone, until people attacked them.

The main stream media coverage excoriated Donald Trump because he said both sides were to blame. No. Never the MSM roared. The outrage against the White Supremacists is understandable because we all should protest hate speech. In other words, violence is ok if you don’t like what the other person is saying. Not only is violence acceptable, it is the right thing to do. This is why there is always violence whenever a White Supremacist group shows up anywhere. Granted, the White Supremacists are despicable and we should all condemn their harmful rhetoric. But that is not enough for the liberal left. They are the ones, not the White Supremacists, demanding violence.

So, please explain to me who is encouraging violence, and who is not. Once again one has to ask: “Is the MSM this stupid or do they just hope the American people are this stupid.?


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