Predictably the MSM immediately tried to blame all these bombs on Donald Trump. They have convinced themselves that it is his angry rhetoric that has caused the violence. That, of course, is absurd. This is a classic example of people so filled with bitterness and hate that self-reflection is impossible. To the rest of us, not blinded by rage, a couple of things are obvious. One is that while Trump does put people down, he is more like a comedian delivering an insult. It is designed to insult, but it is also designed to be humorous. For example; there was the case where a politician body slammed a reporter who was being rude. Trump said he liked people who did body slams. The left went ballistic claiming Trump was encouraging violence. In doing so they totally ignored the Joe Biden comment about how he wanted to take Trump behind the shed and punch him. The difference is that Trump was joking while Biden was serious.

Trump’s opponents on the left are not joking when they “take shots” (pun intended) at Donald Trump. They want people to be outraged against Donald Trump. Numerous commentators, particularly on CNN and MSNBC refer to Trump as a clear and present danger to the country. There are numerous instances of the radical left engaged in acts of violence. They are the ones screaming at people, blocking traffic and setting things on fire. Even the White Supremacist groups aren’t doing that, they just look for opportunities to get into a physical confrontation with progressives.

It was a Republican congressman, Scalise, who was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter. It was a progressive who attacked Rand Paul. Now, the same people who begin every day with hate speech toward Donald Trump are shocked that people are responding violently to this. They missed something important. When you promote outrage, some of that is likely to be directed back at you. For example, imagine a white male KKK spokesman spouting hate speech about African Americans. He may or may not be effective in getting people to conduct violent acts against African Americans, but he is almost certain to become a target for attack by an angry African American.

We don’t know who is making those bombs. We only know they were unlikely to do much damage and the person or persons doing this will be caught sooner rather than later. There is just too much evidence and too many people on the hunt. It is far from certain that the motive was to hurt anyone. It would not be shocking to discover that the person doing this wanted to help Democrats, not hurt them. It would also not be a shock to find someone who is furious at those people he believes are irresponsibly attacking Donald Trump. It wouldn’t even be shocking to find out this was a stunt designed to generate additional outrage against Trump by a false flag operation. Almost anything is possible.

We do know that the targets are all Democrats, but none of them appear to have been at any risk.  At best, this is really sloppy. If it was designed to terrorize Democrats, it was destined to failure. A serious bomber would have built a much better bomb and would never have sent a bunch of them at the same time.  Regardless of who did this, it has all the markings of a cheap politically motivated stunt, having more impact on the news cycle than seriously threatening anyone.

Some have predicted it may take a month to find this person, but my prediction is that with this much evidence they are probably already closing in on a suspect. It will be very interesting, but the least likely outcome is that this was caused by Donald Trump insults.



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