The main stream media is terrified about the prospect of Republicans holding the house and increasing seats in the Senate. They are engaged in a last-ditch desperate effort to make the coveted blue wave a reality. But in their haste to do the job, they are making huge mistakes and unforced errors.

It starts with the polls. The same thing happened in 2016. There were all these polls and none of them predicted a Donald Trump victory. That is, none of the public polls predicted that. Some of the DNC private polls showed a very different picture. That is why Hillary cancelled her massive Victory Party in New York City just before the actual election. Someone warned her that if she went ahead with this, and she lost, it would be beyond embarrassing.

This time, the polling is even worse. The sad reality is that it is nearly impossible to conduct an accurate poll anymore. One reason is that all these polls are based on telephone surveys which are increasingly inaccurate. If you doubt that, ask yourself a question. When is the last time you took a telephone poll? Many people no longer have land line phones in their home. Almost everyone phone has caller id. Most people don’t answer ROBO calls, you know the ones where there is a 10 second delay until you either get a paid fund raiser for the charity of the day who starts talking 110 miles per hour or a recording that is even worse. Just for kicks, I did take a poll about a week ago, and it was pathetic. A very robotic type person was on there asking an endless stream of questions all designed to generate a specific response. It was very long, boring and the longer it went the more likely I was to either hang up or just keep giving the same answer, so they would move on. Yet these kinds of polls are the primary method used to predict election results.

One poll, which the main stream media is trumpeting as proof of the blue wave had Donald Trump’s approval rating at 30%. Who did they poll, bartenders at Democratic waterholes in Washington, D.C.? Yet, because it told the MSM what they wanted to believe, they went with it.

Now we have this caravan. The MSM is trying to portray this as a group of wonderful people just hoping for a chance at a better life in the U.S. That is certainly true, about some of them. Trump was ridiculed for saying there are almost certainly some criminals mixed in and he wouldn’t be surprised if some middle eastern men are mixed in. That is also likely to be true. The MSM would have you believe that these are all members of a church choir singing Kumbaya on their way to the U.S. Border. The MSM is totally missing the point. Tucker Carlson was interviewing Jose Ramos and he asked him a simple, but important question. “How many of these people are you willing to accept in your home in Miami?” It was patently clear that Ramos had zero interest in that. Neither does anyone else. This is the typical liberal approach to problems. They want to use other people’s money to solve problems by dumping them in someone else’s back yard.

This caravan (mob) now has about 14,000 people and no one, including liberals, wants this in their neighborhood. Trump, as always, has the perfect slogan: “Jobs not Mobs.”

No one knows what will happen in the midterm elections because it is impossible to predict the success of the Democratic plans for election fraud. This is probably their last chance to steal a national election. Voter ID laws are spreading fast and the Supreme Court is upholding them. If we really get to a point where we have clean elections where only legally registered citizens are allowed to vote and they are only allowed to vote once, Democrats are doomed to lose every time. They will pull out every trick in the books for this last-ditch effort to win this one. In some places they are even using Snapchat to register voters.

This we do know. The polls are crap, even more so than in 2016. The only real data shows Republicans turnout at a record high and Democratic turnout waiting to develop. This is far from over, but in many ways, this is looking a lot like 2016. This election should have been a slam dunk for Democrats. Several top Republicans were retiring and, in the opinion of the MSM, Donald Trump is the worst President in U.S. History. Midterm elections are always a disaster for a new President. What could possibly go wrong. I mean, that would be like predicting that a clown like Donald Trump could defeat the most qualified candidate in the history of mankind in a Presidential election. I mean it’s not like Trump is holding rallies that draw a 100,000 people while Obama and Biden are drawing crowds that would fit in a phone booth.  Exactly!

The band on the Titantic reportedly continued playing as the ship went down. That seems inspiring until you realize that this didn’t save anyone and the band went down with the ship.


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