Trump is speaking at an auditorium in Houston that holds 18,000 people. Latest reports show 77,000 people signed up to attend. Some people are expecting a crowd approaching 100,000.  People have been camped out for hours and the stadium is already filling up before Trump even leaves Washington. In the meantime the “counter-rally” organized by Michael Avenatti on behalf of Beto O’Rourke was cancelled when both of the two people scheduled to attend had a last minute scheduling conflict.

Compare that to the media coverage of this caravan in Mexico composed of 2,000 to 7,000 people heading toward the U.S. Border. They have already had a violent clash with Mexican police at the border with Guatemala. MSNBC would have you believe these are all desperate women and children, but the pictures show a very different crowd.  Sure looks like a lot of young guys between 15 and 25, exactly what one should expect. By the way, they all seem to be very well dressed.

Liberals are hoping that either Trump caves in face of the humanitarian crisis they created or better yet there is violence where a lot of innocent people get killed. But, they missed something big. If this caravan is successfully in flooding our border, this will become the new normal. Everyone not working for CNN and MSNBC realizes this.

Trump has said he will send in the military, if necessary. People would be wise to believe him. So far, it looks like God is listening. One of the largest hurricanes ever to hit the Gulf of Mexico is heading toward land. It is currently a Category 5 but will probably go ashore as a Category 2. Even if this misses the caravan, they are going to be traveling through some areas with major damage from heavy flooding and wind. The last thing the people in these areas will want, need or tolerate is a bunch of migrants in desperate need of food, water and shelter passing through on their way to the U.S. We could even see a replay of the Spanish Armada where the weather Gods solve the problem for us.

In the meantime, anyone watching pictures of that caravan on TV realizes what liberals have in store for us if we stupidly put them back in power. To make this worse, there are reports of another caravan already forming up in Honduras. Anyone watching this on TV can either believe CNN and MSNBC or their lying eyes. If enough of them get the picture, Democrats could be in for a very rough November.



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