Several years ago, when I was litigation manager for a major corporation, I received a letter from an attorney reporting a claim and threatening a lawsuit. I ignored it. He sent several more letters. I ignored them too. Then he filed a lawsuit, which I also ignored. Finally he went to court and got a summary judgement. I ignored that too. Finally, I told my executive assistant that if he called, I would talk to him.

He started out by ranting and raving about our failure to respond to him. When he finally took a breath, I asked him a simple question: “Why did you send those letters and a copy of that lawsuit to me?” He seemed shocked by the question. What do you mean he said. I said: “We do not own that company and we have never had any connection to that company. If you do some research you will discover that the company you sued filed for bankruptcy five years ago and has been dissolved.” By the way, I accepted his call the day after the statute of limitations ran out.

The huffing and puffing ended and the phone went silent. Then he said: “You knew this all along, didn’t you.” I smiled, but said nothing. He said: “Why didn’t you tell me I was filing the claim against the wrong company?” I said: “You are an attorney. You are the one with a duty to determine the facts. It would have taken you five minutes of research to find this out.

That, of course, was the last I heard from him. I often wondered how he explained this to his client. For the record, we had no report of an incident involving his client, other than his letters and subsequent lawsuit.

The Democrat Party, led by the liberal left, is acting just like that attorney. They have convinced themselves that they have the facts and that they represent truth, justice and the American way. They think the American people will give them a summary judgement. In reality they are too blinded by their own arrogance to recognize the obvious. They have nothing but anger. Anger fueled by things that simply are not true. They believe Christine Ford, even though it is patently clear she is not telling the truth. This is really not difficult. She said she distinctly remembers three other people at that party, in addition to Brett Kavanaugh. She can’t remember when, she can’t remember where but she distinctly remembers all of them. The problem is none of them remember her. Her best friend said she never even met Brett Kavanaugh. Now we don’t know if Christine Ford has somehow deluded herself into believing this was really true, we just know that either she is wrong or everyone else she named as a witness is wrong. This isn’t even a close call.

By the way, the statute of limitations ran out years ago.



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