Democrats may have stepped on a mine as a result of their wildly irresponsible behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings. This could result in a monumental dust up with some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party, particularly Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris stepping in it big time. The liberal left is more than willing to overlook arrogance and corruption. They are not as willing to overlook a public display of stupidity.

Diane Feinstein had that letter from Christine Ford for weeks, but never turned it over to Republicans. She only did that after it leaked in the Washington Post. Everyone assumes that she is the one who leaked it to spring a last-minute surprise on Kavanaugh. However, I watched her reaction when Cruz accused her of leaking the letter and she looked genuinely surprised and angry. My hunch is that either Diane Feinstein or her staff felt that this letter was too convenient and too lacking in detail to be believed. They probably feared it was a plant. In other words, the real reason she sat on it was because she didn’t buy it. Note that Diane Feinstein has never said she totally believes Christine Ford.

Democrats made a huge mistake by delaying Christine Ford’s testimony. This did not help her credibility and it gave Republicans time to investigate. When Republicans decided to let Rachel Mitchell interview her, they were setting her up for a public perjury trap. A trap she stepped into with both feet. The question is not whether she committed perjury, but rather how many times and which one is worth prosecuting.

It is significant to note that the FBI apparently did not bother to interview her. They didn’t need to, Rachel Mitchell did that for them. What they did do was interview the people she referred to, under oath, as having witnessed this event. That alone exposed her to perjury. But they also interviewed other people who are extremely dangerous for Christine Ford. Sometimes, the most dangerous question from a skilled investigator is the one you don’t realize is important. There is no doubt that Christine Ford was highly coached and had training in how to avoid answering specific questions. But there was one question she did answer, and it was a bombshell. It seemed so innocent at the time. The following article in the American Thinker is spot on:

Ms. Mitchell: “Have you ever given tips or advise to someone who was looking to take a polygraph test?”

Ms. Ford: “Never

Senator Grassley just released a sworn statement from a former boyfriend stating that Christine Ford coached Monica L. McLean on how to pass a polygraph test. This statement says she “explained in detail what to expect” during the polygraph and how to be “less nervous” about the test. Apparently, Ms. McClean was interviewing for jobs with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office. This is a sworn statement issued under penalty of perjury. Odds are Senator Grassley and others knew about this before Christine Ford testified. I believe this question was carefully planned.

Most people, interviewing for a job with the FBI or the DOJ would not be all that nervous about a polygraph. The people most likely to be nervous are those with something to hide, like a criminal record. We may learn more about Ms. McClean and she may have strong incentive to cooperate with the FBI regarding this issue. She would certainly be very foolish to lie to the FBI about this.

Grassley is demanding the full record of Ms. Ford’s therapy notes and her polygraph exam. He has the authority to subpoena those records. He is not doing that because he believes her, he is doing this because he is building a case for a criminal referral for perjury.

Now combine this with evidence that Dr. Ford wrote academic papers about “self-hypnosis” and how to retrieve important memories and create artificial situations. People know the articles are there but are waiting for permission to publish. One could make the argument that Christine Ford is uniquely qualified to convince herself of something that is simply not true. That sure would explain why the only thing she can remember is Brett Kavanaugh.

At this point, wise Democrats would just want Kavanaugh to be confirmed and move on. But Grassley is furious with what happened, and he isn’t about to move on. No one can predict these things but imagine this. “What if Christine Ford is indicted for perjury and her entire story is exposed as a total fraud.” Suddenly all those Democratic Senators who said: “I believe you” look like idiots.

Polls show that 60% of people want Kavanaugh confirmed. That will rise significantly if people realize that the entire Christine Ford fiasco was a poorly executed lie planted by a left-wing liberal activist now charged with perjury. Suppose this explodes in about two weeks, just before the Mid-term elections. Think that might have some impact on the coveted blue wave?




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