Democrats were terrified to learn that Rachel Mitchell, a skilled sex crimes prosecutor, had been chosen to question their star witness. I am only surprised that they did not try to interrupt her interview. It was a huge mistake letting her testify in public. Without going into any details, I have some experience as an interviewer/interrogator. What I quickly learned was that the most dangerous interview is the one conducted by someone who does not look dangerous. We all have visions of Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men” grilling Jack Nicholson. Most skilled attorneys watching this scene laughed out loud at this. Real life is a lot more boring and a lot more dangerous.

I had an extremely good attorney try a case for me in Southern California. The plaintiff was another attorney who was claiming traumatic brain injury and extreme short term memory loss. My attorney was having trouble stringing two sentences together.  He stumbled through his words and got a lot of things wrong. For example, he asked her about her home on Howard Ave. She quickly informed him that she lived on Adams Street, not Howard. He talked about when she got her law license in 1995. She snarled that she had already testified that she has had her law license since 1992. She probably corrected him at least five or six times, when suddenly the old, confused, bumbling attorney disappeared before our eyes and was replaced by a brilliant trial attorney who said: “Wow that is pretty impressive short term memory.” The jury literally laughed out loud. It took them about five minutes to decide they would award her no damages.

This exactly what Rachel Mitchell did to Christine Ford. By politely offering Dr. Ford the chance to provide details regarding her life changing experience, she fell into the trap that captures most liars. She couldn’t remember which version of the lie she told when. People who are telling the truth don’t have this problem. It is quite simple; Dr. Ford told too many different versions of the same event. Then, she made it worse by naming three witnesses, none of who came close to confirming her story. Perhaps the most devastating was her best friend who doesn’t even remember meeting Brett Kavanaugh.

You can read this for yourself:


Predictably the Washington Post quickly tried to discredit Mitchell:


But if you read this, it does not mention a single fact that Ms. Mitchel get wrong. The only complaint is that this was not investigated thoroughly and privately. Bingo. That is the last thing Democrats wanted. This was never about the truth. It was never about justice. It wasn’t about holding Brett Kavanaugh accountable for something he really did. This was and is and always will be nothing more or less than a desperate attempt to delay his confirmation. Democrats warned us that they would do everything and anything to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. This is one of the few promises they intended to keep and the extremely rare case where they were telling us the truth.

We only wait the FBI report to complete the cycle. There is zero change the FBI will determine that Christine Ford’s allegation is credible. They certainly won’t report that the allegation by Ramirez is credible; she has already backed off that herself. The best Democrats can hope for is that the FBI will merely turn over their 302 reports and say nothing. Then, of course, Democrats will interpret this as proof of the need for more investigation. They would like to turn the Kavanaugh investigation into Mueller, Part 2. An investigation into nothing that lasts forever, with no end in sight One that does nothing more or less than to obstruct Donald Trump.

If it was only up to CNN, this might have worked. But it isn’t up to CNN and Democrats are not as smart as they think they are. They did this to themselves by demanding an FBI investigation that no logical person expected to solve anything. What are they going to do now, try to discredit the FBI? Good luck with that.

Sometimes, the most dangerous thing you can do to someone who is arrogant, ignorant and naïve is to give them exactly what they want. Sometimes the result really is “just deserts.”  Never more true than today.


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