Democrats are very angry that Republican approved Kavanaugh in committee.  It is now in the hands of McConnell. Democrats got Jeff Flake to say that he would withhold his approval of the final vote, subject to an FBI investigation to last no more than one week and “solely with regard to the accusation by Christine Ford.” He just handed McConnell a get out of jail free card. All McConnell needs to do is ask the FBI to investigate the allegation by Christine Ford. They can complete that over the weekend, because there is nothing to investigate. The only thing the FBI will investigate is the allegation by Christine Ford.

They just need to interview the named witnesses, none of whom will verify her story, report that to the Senate and bingo we have a vote. If anything, this is likely to discredit Christine Ford even more since they can demand copies of the polygraph and other documents deliberately being withheld by her attorneys. If they don’t produce them to the FBI, they have a problem and if they do produce them they have a problem. The FBI probably may not even bother to interview people who have furnished signed affidavits because they are already admissible in court.

This will backfire big time on Democrats. There is zero change an FBI investigation will substantiate this allegation. Democrats will have publicly fired their last wad. One of the problems with them demanding an FBI investigation is that once that is done, they have nothing left. Democrats demanded an FBI investigation of Anita Hill and then, when it did not confirm her story, tried to ignore it. That didn’t work then and it won’t work now. This time they have been praising the FBI to high heaven failing to realize that if the FBI does investigate it is game over. Well, thanks to their own stupidity, the FBI will investigate, and yes, it is game over.

Democrats think they just scored a one week delay, but that is because they weren’t paying attention. Just like they are wrong about almost every issue, they are wrong about this. Regardless of what Flake intended, he only gave McConnell a clear path to set a vote for Kavanaugh and get him confirmed. By limiting this both in time and scope, he just makes the tactic of new and exciting allegations worthless. Republicans are offering nothing more than a delay of “no more than one week.” By this time next week, say hello to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It is clear that the assault by Brett Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham hurt Democrats a lot more than they will ever admit. They were stunned to be called out for the obvious. Their real problem is that, unlike the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, the accusations against Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are well founded.

In addition, we may have just seen the future leader of Democrats in the Senate and it is not Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris or any other radical left winger. It is Christopher Coons, who seized the day by proving that he, and only he, was capable of negotiating a deal with Republicans. Actually, with one Republican, who will be out of office in just a few weeks. But it is one more Republican than anyone else.

There isn’t anyone on the horizon remotely capable of providing leadership in the Democratic Party. Coons realized that and he is the only Democratic Member of the Judiciary Committee who avoided some of the stench. The de facto leader of Democrats in the Senate is not Chuck Schumer; this will be viewed as a huge defeat for him. It just may be the man wearing the “Coons” skin cap.


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