Christine Ford testified in front of the Senate and it went just about as expected. Democrats didn’t ask her any questions, they didn’t care. Most of them spent their five minutes praising her to high heaven and saying they believe her. The female attorney did a good job of clarifying details in a way that was obviously very fair to Ms. Ford. While some would argue she should have been questioned more strongly, no one can argue that the questions were unfair.

The bottom line is that while she appeared to be credible, there definitely are holes in her story. On several occasions she had to wait for input from her attorney(s) to answer a question. She appeared to be surprised that the delay in the hearing was because she was afraid to fly. She said she didn’t realize that the Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to interview her in California. She couldn’t remember much about the polygraph, except it was very long. She had no additional evidence. She didn’t look spontaneous at all.

Brett Kavanaugh, on the other hand, knocked it out of the park. He was visibly angry; he called out the Democratic Senators for character assassination. He pointed out that they were publicly on the record saying they would do anything and everything to stop him from being confirmed. He was very emotional, at times, in defending his integrity. Other than liberal Democrats, most people will believe him.

I was the litigation manager for a major corporation. I have managed many lawsuits and personally attended a large number of trials. In my job, it was essential for me to learn to evaluate juries. I had times when I was wrong about how a case would play in front of a jury, but I was never wrong with regard to reading how an actual jury was responding to a case. I know from first-hand experience how jurors make their decisions. There is no doubt in my mind that no jury would convict Brett Kavanaugh. It is quite simple, when juries have to make a difficult decision; they always look for facts and evidence. Kavanaugh had the facts and she did not. Even if they believe her, as many will, they will ultimately decide on one factor, none of her named witnesses confirm her story. Kavanaugh, an experienced trial attorney knows this, which is why he said this about 6,000 times. This played out in front of a riveted national audience, in effect the world’s largest jury. The verdict will be for Kavanaugh.

I expect the committee to vote this out tomorrow and I expect the Senate to confirm him next week. RINO Republicans can never be fully trusted, but I think they will stay the course on this one. Lindsey Graham is highly respected by RINOs and his impassioned appeal to his fellow Republicans will not go unnoticed. In the end, it probably won’t be that close. There are likely to be several Democrats who cross over and vote for him.



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