Last week Democrats appeared to have Kavanaugh on the ropes. The Christine Ford allegation, while unsubstantiated was enough to weaken the resolve of the few remaining RINO Republicans. Once again it looked like Republicans were ready to cave. But then something changed. If Ms. Ford had showed up right away, the Senator Judiciary Committee would have probably interviewed her the same way they did everyone else and it would have been a total fiasco. But they blew it. Instead they came up with bizarre reasons for delay and the result was that Republicans had time to take a breath. They realized that Ms. Ford has no facts and that if she is interviewed by a trained female attorney rather than 11 angry white men, she is going to be discredited. Democrats figured that out too, which is why they are howling at the moon.

Then a second accuser surfaced with a story so thin even the New York Times wouldn’t run with it. All of the liberal anchors quickly pushed back against an obviously false narrative. Kavanaugh’s chances started to improve.  Even Lisa Murkowski showed signs of coming on board. Then Michael Avenatti surfaced with an even more absurd accusation and in my opinion he has accidentally pushed Kavanaugh over the finish line.

Julie Swetnick describes at least 10 wild parties where people like her were routinely drugged and raped. No one reported this to the police. No one reported this to their parents. No one reported to a teacher or a friend. Zero, zip, nada. But Ms. Swetnick remembers everything in great detail. Except even she doesn’t remember Brett Kavanaugh actually doing anything. This has less credibility that the 9-11 Truthers or those who think the Apollo Moon landing was staged in a Burbank movie studio. When you combine that with the fact that of all the attorneys in this country, Ms. Swetnick chose Michael Avenatti, well no more information is necessary.

If there was ever any doubt about the credibility of the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, the lethal combination of Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti ended all doubt. If Democrats are capable of being embarrassed, they have to be embarrassed. This is just flat out absurd. I believe this will unify people regarding the allegations against Kavanaugh, no one will believe any of them. If you have to resort to something this pathetic, then it is clear you have nothing at all.

This reminds me of a recent football game where a huge defensive tackle grabbed a running back and violently threw him to the ground. What he failed to notice is that he was throwing him over the goal line resulting in a touchdown. That is exactly what Michael Avenatti is doing for Brett Kavanaugh.


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