Several years ago, while working for a major corporation, I had a trial ready to start. This regarded a slip and fall claim. We were prepared to go to trial because our store manager witnessed the entire incident and he was an extremely good witness. However, the night before the trial our “star” witness called me and with a quakely voice said he needed to tell me something. He said that while he didn’t mind lying for the company during the investigation and the deposition he was queasy about lying under oath in court. I said what do you mean? He said that he was lying about everything, it happened just the way the plaintiff said it happened. I was absolutely shocked. I called our attorney and we scrambled to get the case settled.

If he had just told us the truth from the start, we could have handled this claim much faster and for far less money. If he thought he was doing us a favor, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

I thought of this story when considering the proposed testimony of Christine Ford. She may have a very similar dilemma. If she repeats her allegation, under oath, that there were three or four witnesses to the alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh, she could have serious legal problems. That is because all of these people have denied even knowing about the incident. If they are desposed and they say the same thing under oath, then she could be charged with perjury. On the other hand if she admits they didn’t witness the event, that discredits her entire claim. This is the ultimate lose-lose situation.

In addition, she should give serious consideration to what will happen if Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed. If he is denied a position on the Supreme Court, because of a patently false allegation, he is likely to be more than angry. He is likely to sue.

The following article shows the potential financial cost of making a false sexual assault claim. Christine Ford allegedly works for a firm that produces abortion pills. If a jury were to find a connection there they could also be at risk.

Senator Grassley has reported that the Judiciary committee has already hired a female attorney to conduct the interview.

He has called the Democrats bluff and they are shreiking hysterically. The amount of flak Grassley is getting is proof he is over the target. Democrats have put themselves between a rock and a hard place. If Christine Ford does not show, Republicans will just schedule the vote. If she does show, it is likely to be a disaster. If Democrats try to delay this, again, even CNN will figure out that there is a serious problem. The most recent woman to come forth with a claim against Kavanaugh was pillored by the MSM. They just weren’t buying it. I think the MSM has finally become embarrassed.

Democrats were clearly hoping that the lack of evidence would be overwhelmed by the volume of people willing to make claims. That is backfiring and any new witness that surfaces is likely to face similar scrutiny. Even Avenatti has suddenly shut down his twitter account and his star witness appears to be running for the hills. Probably a good idea.

We do not know where this will end up, but it is pretty easy to see who has momentum and who does not. Unless there is some massive undisclosed bombshell, if Republicans stay the course, Democrats are in big trouble.


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