Most people expected President Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein today. I mean, how much worse can it get. Even if Rosenstein was sarcastic when he asked Andrew McCabe if he should wear a wire when talking to the President, that is a big problem. At a minimum Rosenstein should have advised Trump with regard to what was going on.

Everyone, in both parties, is assuming that Rosenstein never reported this to either Trump or Sessions. But what if that is not true? What if he told Trump there were senior people in the FBI plotting to remove him. What if he told Trump the truth, that the entire Russian collusion investigation was a scam based on falsified information.

If Trump had allowed the Russian investigation to be continue to be run by the FBI under the direction of Andrew McCabe, it could have been disastrous. There is already evidence that McCabe wasn’t above falsifying evidence. It would take months to get a replacement Director of the FBI that Trump could trust. If he ordered Sessions to shut down the investigation, Democrats and some RINO Republicans would have gone ballistic.

Perhaps Trump did the unexpected. Perhaps it was his idea to have Rosenstein to appoint a Special Counsel. That would throw Democrats completely off the scent. Rosenstein chose Robert Mueller. The same Robert Mueller that spent a lot of one on one time with the President the day before he was appointed. Coincidence?

What if Rosenstein and Mueller were doing exactly what Trump wanted them to do. How would that look? The investigation would find no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia because it never happened. But the people conspiring to take down a president would feel safe and empowered. Rosenstein would possibly be the most important undercover operator in the history of American politics. In the meantime the IG would be doing the real investigation. Another topsecret investigation would be conducted by John Huber reporting directly to Jeff Sessions.

All of the people at the FBI and DOJ who were conspiring against Trump have been removed from power. But Rosenstein remains. Is that because Trump is afraid to fire him? Unlikely. It is more likely because Rosenstein is doing exactly what Trump wanted him to do.

The FBI and the DOJ have been withholding documents. Yet, they haven’t been withheld from Republicans in congress and they haven’t been withheld from the President. When the President started the declassification process, he was getting these prepared for public disclosure. Trey Gowdy warned Trump that these wouldn’t change anyone’s mind. Then Rosenstein met with the President and said two things. He said releasing those documents could expose the Special Counsel investigation as potentially illegitimate. Why would that be a problem for Trump? Trump already knew it was an illegitimate investigation. Why would he care? He would care if he still wanted his enemies to ignore the obvious. That investigation was never about Donald Trump. That begs the question: who was the real target of that investigation. It could just possibly be the people doing the investigating.

This is how the FBI caught Soviet Spy Robert Hanssen. He was promoted to a new job, supervising FBI Computer Security. His assistant, Eric O’Neill was an undercover agent.O’Neill found the smoking gun that resulted in Hanssen’s arrest and conviction.

Rosenstein also said it was important to let the IG finish his report. The IG isn’t investigating Trump, he is investigating those opposed to Trump. After meeting with Rosenstein,Trump said he would wait for the IG to finish his job, which he expected to happen soon.

The main stream media wants to believe that Trump will fire Rosenstein. They want to believe that Rosenstein shared their opinion of Trump and that he was their ace in the hole that would save the day. They never considered the possiblity that both Rosenstein and Mueller would put principle ahead of politics. That both would honor the rule of law and the constitution. Think about this. Mueller only indicted people that didn’t matter. He had to indict someboy to justify the investigation. But justify it to who? Certainly not to Trump. Far more likely to the liberal left who desperately wanted to believe that the conspiracy was working and the walls were closing in on Trump. Leak after leak has not harmed Trump but it has exposed and embarrassed a lot of Democrats in congress and their connections in the MSM.

We don’t know. We don’t even know who does know. We only know that Rosenstein wasn’t fired today and Trump doesn’t exactly look to be on a mission to fire him any time soon. Everyone assumes that Trump is intimidated by Democrats and fears a constitutional crisis. But, that doesn’t seem to fit with his personality. This is not exactly a guy who is easily intimidated. He wasn’t intimidated by the sex scandals, he just denied them and dared Democrats to do anything about it. I belief that if Trump thought Rosenstein was a threat, he would already be gone.

Even if Trump fires Rosenstein,it probably won’t be until after Kavanaugh is confirmed. He doesn’t need to give Democrats another reason to try and delay things. The only thing we really know is this: either Rosenstein did a lousy job in trying to remove a President, or he did a great job doing something else.


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  1. There’s a lot of smoke & noise. The victor (s) will arise when it clears. I sure hope the Clinton foundation & their ilk are exposed for their treasonous acts.

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