Ed Whelan has backed down, somewhat. He probably realized that he was stupid to name someone else as a possible suspect in a sexual assault. The reality is that no one knows if there even was a sexual assault. There is zero chance a legal authority will investigate this, so the person named by Whelan would have a pretty easy defamation of character case.  Even if it was his house and there was a party there is no evidence of a sexual assault and there never will be.

However, he is not backtracking on his analysis and he clearly has people talking to him. Whelan already knows things and there clearly are people out their investigating. That is extremely dangerous for Christine Ford, particularly when her own case is so pathetically weak on details.

Real obvious questions explain the problem.

She was 15.  How did she get to the party? Did she frequently attend parties where there was heavy drinking? Where there any adults present?

At best there were four boys and two girls. Who thought that was a good idea for a 15 year old girl?

How did she get home?

What time did she arrive home?

Did she say anything to her parents?

Did she say anything to her friends?

Did she say anything to anyone?

If she was truly traumatized, she would have told someone. It might not have been the police, it might not have been her parents, it might not have been a teacher, but she would have told someone, She didn’t.  Even if someone surfaces now saying they knew, no one will buy it.

I suspect we won’t hear much more from Whelan, and that’s a shame, but the reason will be that by the time he has this documented, she won’t matter any more.


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