Christine Ford will not show up to testify Monday. We already know that. Republicans will hold the hearing, without her, and then schedule a vote. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed. But although this will be a major defeat for liberals and the Democratic leadership, much worse is just around the corner.

Enter Ed Whelan. Whelan graduated from Harvard in 1981. In 1985 he graduated from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude and was on the board of Editors of the Harvard Law Review. He was general counsel to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary and later was Senior Vice President and Counselor to the General Counsel for Verizon. He was a former law clerk for Justice Scalia. He is currently President of The Ethics and Public Policy Center. This is one serious attorney. While Democrats were hyperventilating, Whelan was investigating. What he has already found is more than enough to clear Brett Kavanaugh:

He has already created reasonable doubt, just by checking out the extremely limited information given by Christine Ford. She told the Washington Post that the assault took place in a house near the Columbia Country Club. It took Whelan about five minutes to figure out that although neither Brett Kavanaugh or his friends live anywhere near this location, another friend named Chris Garrett lived there. He even has the floor plan of the house which sure looks consistent with the place described by Christine Ford.

It gets worse. if you look at the pictures of Garrett and Kavanaugh next to each other they look very similar. Whelan probably already has several classmates willing to describe how much they looked alike. He has already found enough information to create a huge shadow of doubt. My guess is that he will shortly have more than that. All he would need is one of the four people that Christine Ford identified as at that party confirm that yes there was a party, there was a lot of drinking and Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t there. Nothing else would matter, because no one could possibly be investigated for a crime. No serious law enforcement agency would even open a file.

This is so bad that even Ms. Ford may admit that she can’t be totally sure the person she was talking about was Brett Kavanaugh. One thing is certain, she would be insane to testify about this under oath. The potential for walking into a perjury charge would be sky high. Grassley already called her bluff by saying she would be interviewed by a skilled attorney, not the clowns on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ms. Ford admitted that she couldn’t be positive that Brett Kavanaugh was guy involved. She certainly would be insane to say he was, under oath, because that could lead to a perjury charge. Admitting that she might have misidentified him could be her best option. Then she can still claim she was telling the truth about the incident and the MSM will forget she ever existed.

Whelan found all this in a few hours. He claims he has more. If he is right, a lot of those self-righteous liberal Democrats demanding that everyone believe Christine Ford are going to be eating a lot of very public crow. I doubt that any of them are remotely capable of doing the right thing and apologize, but this is too delicious for the MSM to ignore.

This could be a really beautiful thing and what would make it even more enjoyable is that all of these people really have it coming.


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